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All I need is everything Jane Duvall maintains a porn portal called Jane's Guide. This is the link to her personal site, which is password-only. Not worksafe.
Angiv Another Chickliterati who lives a life of reading and beach parties on remote islands in Scotland. Very cool, and she thinks I am too!
Bunt Sign One of the few men I read with any regularity. The journal of a seemingly ordinary man living what could be mistaken for a boring, ordinary life. But somehow it's not. I think it's the writing. Bonus: He updates almost every day.
Celluloid Eyes Interesting. Very interesting. She's a triathlete and knows her movies and her Sesame Street.
Chicklit Smart, Witty, and Literate as Hell. I'm a moderator here (Thanks Deborah!). My favorite site out there, no contest.
Cubicle Girl Happy fun sparkly writing that manages to hit some seriously important issues.
Daily Sardonicism Melly is a hoot. She lives life her way and writes well - always a bonus.
Doscentavos This one kicks ass and takes no prisoners. I love a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and knows what she's talking about.
Gruevy One of my friends, and an awesome geek.
I can't even float... Estella is funny and strange in the most wonderful way, with attitude
Internet Persona I love how she lets us see the world through her eyes, both in words and pictures. Another very good writer. She makes me cry sometimes.
Jen And Tonic Because she's cooler than me.
Mimi Smartypants Articulate, funny, weird, like my best friend from high school gone wrong.
Pure as the driven slush I adore Heather Corinna. She is articulate and passionate. Just please note she is an erotic photographer so there are always suggestive photos and sometimes even boobies.
Shelleyness Tragically, she removed her archives. Don't blame her, but I wish I could still read them. (Some are back up.) She's updating sporadically.
Snerkology Laura is great. She is so very honest and real. Bonus for anyone who likes to cook: she posts her recipes.
Tomato Nation Because Sars kicks ass and writes like I wish I could.
Velcrometer M. Giant is fabulous. If you like to laugh, check it out.
Wil Wheaton He's got style and class and he's really funny and a geek. I just love geeks.

Sinfest Ha. Ha ha hahaha ha! Ye gods, Tatsuya Ishida knows American culture.
User Friendly Illiad is a friend and one of the coolest guys out there. This one's for the geek contingent. Don't forget to read Iambe!

That's it for now. Last updated July 15, 2004.

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