Scribbles & Thoughts

Stuff from before, in chronological order. I really need to organize this by calendar year or something, don't I?

October 2001
Oct. 25: Existential Angst

November 2001
Nov. 2: Alone on a Friday Night
Nov. 5: Regrets
Nov. 7: I'm Still Tired
Nov. 8: Interview Wind Down
Nov. 13: Echoes
Nov. 15: A Story
Nov. 17: Nothing Here
Nov. 20: Anyone else?
Nov. 22: Let us give thanks
Nov. 23: Clarification
Nov. 27: Half Marathon and more

December 2001
Dec. 2: Tubthumping
Dec. 5: Tired
Dec. 9: Thoughts on Drinking
Dec. 10: To Sleep or Not To Sleep
Dec. 12: Mental Meanderings
Dec. 20: Umm...

January 2002
Jan. 2: I'm Baaaaack
Jan. 4: Not Really Cohesive
Jan. 7: Whinging
Jan. 11: Pathetic
Jan. 12: A Photo (the niece & neph shot)
Jan. 14: The Politics of Living
Jan. 15: Kitty Mind Control and a Mini-rant
Jan. 17: Why does this happen?
Jan. 18: This is Friday
Jan. 20: I am a stress fool
Jan. 27: Snow Day
Jan. 31: Elegy

February 2002
Feb. 7: There's a bathroom on the right
Feb. 8: Friday Five
Feb. 11: Dark and Light
Feb. 15: Blah blah blah
Feb. 19: Rock Lobster
Feb. 21: Doctor, Doctor
Feb. 22: It's Friday again
Feb. 23/24: How to Eat
Feb. 25: Monday, monday
Feb. 26: Lemon Pound Cake

March 2002
March 1: You know what's coming
March 7: More Blather
March 11: Did I tell you I snore?
March 15: Here, kitty kitty
March 18: In which I talk about the weather
March 19: Issues and Ethics
March 23: Pizza Night
March 24: Redhead
March 28: Path Markers
March 31: More Issues

April 2002
April 3: More whining to come
April 4: My Mood Is Holding
April 5: I'm okay
April 9: The cycle begins again
April 15 (well, sort of): A bunch of random stuff
April 17: Girl Talk
April 22: Hip hip hooray!
April 26: Are we having fun yet?
April 30: It can't be almost May

May 2002
May 3: Just kill me now
May 8: Nausea
May 9: Vehement Expletive Deleted
May 13: When will I be able to catch up?
May 14: People aren't strange, they're stupid
May 15: Bite down hard
May 20: Random bits
May 21: But we're family now!
May 22 & 23: Backdated
May 25: Ooh, a birthday party!
May 28: It's an ELO song

June 2002
June 5: Major Suckage
June 7: I'll just rant some more, okay?
June 10: I think I'm getting old
June 12: Mr Bell, get out of my face
June 17: Bring on the Randomizer
June 19: I'm still being random
June 19, Take II: No Such Thing
June 21: Am I out of my mind?
June 24: Boomtown Rats had it right
June 25: Yawn...

July 2002
July 3: F*CK
July 4: Happy Independence Day, everyone! (no entry)
July 5: Am I calm or just overwhelmed?
July 7: Toodling right along
July 11: CT scan tomorrow
July 15: Redhead Again
July 16: Is that cause enough?
July 19: This Week's Questions
July 21: About as much class as Tommy Lee
July 23: Hot Summer Days
July 23 again: Hot Summer Nights
July 29: Oops
July 30: All better now

August 2002
August 1: What next?
August 3: Crank-o-matic
August 5: Athlete!
August 7: Could I be any more boring?
August 9: Friday Five and some blather
August 13: Does that make me a wimp?
August 15: Sleep is a good thing
August 18: Yeah, I napped a lot
August 19: Girl, you can be strong
August 27: Write and Run

September 2002
September 1: Where have I been?
September 3: 100 Things
September 6: Is it bedtime yet?
September 19: Oh, hi, it's me.
September 21: We went shopping
September 22: My feet are swollen
September 23: Random Bits
September 24: Gah
September 26: Temperature is rising
September 28: Bad day

October 2002
October 1: I need sleep
October 3: Happy Birthday, Love!
October 5: It's over
October 6: Personal Best
October 9: Mmm, cheesy goodness
October 11: Sore
October 16: I can't take it
October 17: Lead, follow, or get out of the way
October 23: Still cranky
October 24: Not dead yet
October 24: This one is really the 24th
October 25: Finally, it's really here!
October 29: New Appliances Make My Day
October 30: Random
October 31: All Hallows Eve

November 2002
November 1: Finally it's the weekend
November 2: In which I'm tedious
November 5: I Apologize
November 6: Overwhelmed
November 7: A break, perhaps
November 8: Yeah, sure, productive
November 9: Feet and A Home
November 14: I just want to get it all dealt with
November 15: La la la I can't hear you
November 16: Days like these
November 18: Gingerbread
November 19: Underneath it all
November 20: I heart Alan Rickman
November 24: Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes
November 26: The Sooner or Later Entry
November 27: Better Nate than Lever, right?
November 30: Meh

December 2002
December 2: Snark snark snark whine
December 3: But it's good for you, right?
December 5: Bring me the roast beast!
December 7: Waiting and stuff
December 9: Incomplete
December 10: But I like to read
December 12: More than you needed to know
December 13: Walking through the park and reminiscing
December 15 (and 16): Beware the Ides of December
December 17: Nope, no vampires here
December 18: Chocolate and pictures
December 20: Is it over?
December 21: A day of leisure
December 24: Is it truly here?
December 25: And to all a good night
December 28: It's all about power
December 31: Happy New Year To You Too

January 2003
January 2: About Books
January 4: I'm fine
January 6: Completely exhausted
January 11: Steady State
January 12: Mid-winter Hebetude
January 14: Staring Down Death
January 16: Catch up stuff
January 17: What have I got to complain about?
January 18: Finally, Eureka!
January 19: Next Year's Holidays (a collab)
January 20: Are we there yet?
January 21: A roiling river of anger
January 26: Extravaganza!
January 27: A story
January 30: Sports and the Woman

February 2003
February 2: I can't type
February 4: I can't sleep
February 8: Three things I write about me
February 12: If I tilt my head, will my brains fall out?
February 13: Mmm, meat rolls
February 18: Hop, Skip, Jump Around
February 23: Life is just a fantasy
February 24: Squealy Girlfan
February 25: I just have to talk about it
February 26: Evil thoughts and birthday wishes

March 2003
March 2: The Weekend: Mixed Results
March 4: R3d H@ir Dy3
March 6: Don't even get me started on Title IX
March 7: Insert Twilight Zone theme
March 11: It's all about the movies
March 14: That's good, right?
March 17: Slainte!
March 19: I'm so sorry
March 21: I think it's Oscar's fault
March 24: No food, just thought
March 27: I am not creative today
March 28: Yes, I live in a consumer society

April 2003
April 1: Joining the Crowd
April 4: Utterly Boring
April 6: What I Did Today
April 8: Se Pasaba
April 9: Shit oh Dear, I'm tired
April 13: Books and Wine
April 14: Self Deprecation Is Not Harmless
April 15: Dirty Martini
April 17: Petty Irritations
April 20: Happy Easter
April 21: People Piss Me Off
April 24: A Coupla Days
April 28: Beyond Chewing With Your Mouth Closed
April 29: Ueber Sensitive

May 2003
May 3: How long has it been?
May 5: Lead, follow, or do your own thing
May 9: The week from hell
May 10: Girl time
May 11: And I ran, I ran so far away
May 15: Beware The List
May 20: Birthday Week!
May 21: Whirlwind
May 24: And now I turn 37
May 31: Sneak it in

June 2003
June 2: Sunshine!
June 3: Of Blood and Giving
June 6: Profound or Inane?
June 11: A little interlude
June 15: Happy Father's Day
June 17: A slight queasy uneasiness
June 22-29: The Lost Week
June 30: Cruising

July 2003
July 3: One More Down
July 4: I have no point
July 5: Doe, a Deer
July 9: Doodlee doodlee doo
July 12: World Beat
July 20: I'm Beat
July 22: It's the other shoe
July 23: The Elusive Career Path
July 26: A Day of Leisure
July 31: When did this become a blog?

August 2003
August 6: Wake up, Fish!
August 13: Happy Birthday, Jolene!
August 15: Another way to see inside me
August 18: Danskin Stories
August 21: The Flap Over Harry's Art
August 22: Interview!
August 31: All Pictures (graphics heavy! long download times!)

September 2003
September 7: The Writing Thing
September 8: Do You Drink Enough Water?
September 10: So you like fishing?
September 22: We're back, with meat
September 30: It shouldn't have to be this way

October 2003
October 13: Fall Roundup
October 14: Apple Bread
October 15: More than one day to recover
October 21: My Thrilling Life
October 25: Happy Birthday,!

November 2003
November 4: Vote, Dammit! (includes pictures!)
November 10: More politics, plus decorating
November 11: Happy Veteran's Day
November 13: Rice, A Cautionary Tale
November 16: The Home Improvement Whine
November 18: Ladies Night!
November 20: My Arm Is Sore
November 21: Long, Slow Day
November 23: Inchoate Longing
November 25: Us in Pictures Graphics Heavy!
November 26: Teeter Totter
November 27: Much for which to be thankful

December 2003
December 1: Advent
December 3: Wistful
December 7: Well Well Well
December 9: Fuck yeah!
December 10: Is it a good look?
December 11 & 14: More Politics
December 16: An Unwitting Fashion Statement
December 22: Holiday Cheer?
December 23: It almost feels like it should be snowing
December 24: Gray Evening
December 28: It's that time of year
December 30: Time and Mind
December 31: Happy New Year!

January 2004
January 3: How do I explain?
January 4: Fitness
January 6: A Blanket of White
January 9: Sleep All Day
January 10: Because Hot Water Is A Good Thing
January 12: All Clear
January 15: Weaving
January 16: Democracy
January 20: Geek Night Out
January 24: The Unexpected Weekend

February 2004
February 1: He was here! I saw him!
February 3: My Afternoon
February 5: Bleep
February 6: Vigil and the Caucus
February 11: Blocked
February 17: Away, Far Away
February 21: Reading Is Sexy
February 23: Big Girl
February 25: Maintaining
February 27: I am a big baby
February 29: Happy Leap Day!

March 2004
March 1: Geek Camouflage
March 4: A Shot Across the Bow
March 5: Yay Libraries!
March 6: Today Is a Good Day to Die
March 9: Ponderous... Really Ponderous
March 16: Happily Ever After
March 17: Slainte!
March 18: Power to the People
March 20: I'm So Thrilled
March 27 & 28: Spring is Sprung
March 31: Do Your Self-Exams (for Great-Aunt Paula)

April 2004
April 3 & 4: Not much, really
April 16: Aloha
April 21: Nothing and Everything
April 26: Women
April 27: Pictures! I love pictures! A photo entry, slow load warning.

May 2004
May 4: How can this possibly be?
May 9: Yoga, Money, Food, and a Movie
May 11: Since when?
May 13: For Fitness Geeks
May 22: Minor Update
May 23: A Sunday Kind of Post
May 25: For the High Queen

June 2004
June 5: Choices and Options
June 9: Starving of the Hunger
June 23: I Run
June 26: What's up?
June 28: Burning Man

July 2004
July 5: You Can't Have It
July 12: Adaptive Cooking
July 14: Working Out
July 15: Vanity in a Haircut Pictures! Graphics heavy, slow download. Be warned.
July 18: Bikram Stuff

August 2004
August 7: Goin' to da Jersey Shore
August 10: The Art of Letters
August 25: What's the Problem?
August 27: Tennis, anyone?
August 29: Quiero Cambiarme

September 2004
September 2: Do I have to have a career?
September 3: Sometime Sociality
September 6: Introspection
September 8: French Bread
September 11: It's an Update
September 22: Evil Moods
September 23: A Bit Better of a Day
September 26: Weekends are for relaxing

October 2004
October 3: Thought
October 6: Buzzing Noise In My Head
October 18: Trip Recap
October 21: I'd like to join the wailers, please
October 24: Yoga vs. Rage
October 25: I struggle with concepts
October 28: Major Setback
October 31: Kerry for President

November 2004
November 3: Retroactive Election Despair
November 7: Stop Pointing Fingers
November 10: Oh yeah, I forgot
November 16: For what do we judge?
November 21: Down Time
November 25: The Thankful Post

December 2004
December 1: Stuff and Things
December 2: O Husband, Where Art Thou?
December 4: Just a word before I go
December 5: The Holidays kick off
December 19: Bah, humbug!
December 20-24: It took me days to write this
December 26: A Quick Bite
December 27: Four Year Anniversary
December 31: End of the Year

January 2005
January 2: My Relationship with Food
January 14: Connections Missed, Lost, and Found
January 20: I do eventually get to the point
January 24: Disparate Pieces
January 25: Why can't we just fix it?

February 2005
February 1: He's ALIVE!
February 2: Little Blips
February 4: Not about the Superbowl
February 22: Anything But Serene
February 24: A Reminder to Myself

March 2005
March 5: What's Been Going On
March 9: A Grand Shift
March 10 & 15: Music & How 'tis
March 26: Jitters

April 2005
April 2: Ruffled
April 3: Three Little Birds
April 5: The Caterpillar
April 13: I'm Here, Now
April 15 & 24: New Music!
April 29: Reply, Connect, Acknowledge

May 2005
May 4: All By Myself
May 6: Side Note and Pictures WARNING: graphics heavy
May 8: Insert Title Here
May 10: Caveats
May 23: They're Married!
May 28: Life is Possibility

June 2005
June 2: Work It Out
June 4: The Seeker
June 10: It doesn't get better until you work through it
June 19: Dancing Around the Subject
June 25: Restless
June 25 again: Take Two

July 2005
July 1: Time Passes
July 22: Snippets
July 23: The Sense of Joy
July 31: Snoozeville

August 2005
August 4: Burdened
August 5: Alone
August 16: Sniffle Sniffle Sneeze
August 18: It could be worse, right?
August 19: Stop and Go
August 26: Weekend Update

September 2005
September 20: Admin Notice
September 22 & October 21: I'm Back!

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