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Sunday, 7 November 2004

Stop Pointing Fingers

Stop bashing the so-called liberal elites. Stop calling heartlanders ignorant and stupid. Just stop. Stop falling into the trap of dividing this country into oppositions. We are not opposites, and we are not that different.

I have had it with the finger-pointing and the whining and the blame about who lost the election and what's wrong with this or that segment of the democrats, and how on earth can those stupid people have fallen for the line of bullshit enough to vote for That Man and what did we do wrong and why are they so stupid. It's not US versus THEM. We are all the same. We are still one nation, like it or not, and we are not all emigrating to Canada until people come to their senses.

We are the ones who need to come to our senses, every single one of us. The entire nation, and I include those in charge as well as those who swore their citizenship today.

Our similarities are greater than our differences, if only we could stop trying to find the one thing that makes each of us unique and individual and remember the things that bring us together. Love, pride, hard work, belief in the fundamental goodness of every person, the value of learning, and a belief in the inherent equality of every human soul. My support for gay marriage does not take anything away from straight people. My belief in women's equality does not make men inherently inferior. My love for books and thinking and intellectual chatter does not make me more important than someone who really likes television and watches football all weekend.

We need to stop tearing each other down. Be proud of who we are, and what we've accomplished. Stop feeling we need to prove ourselves to everyone else and realize that we only need to be who and what we are and stop feeling afraid and defensive. We've stopped moving forward, we've stopped growing, and we've stopped improving. Maybe we need to stop and catch a breath and let ourselves realize how far we've come in the last one hundred years, as a nation and as people. We really have. Relax, and stop trying to halt the rate of change.

Change happens. Bad things happen, good things happen, we live and we celebrate and we mourn and we die. I intend to make the most of every moment, and to work towards a politics of inclusion. The fact that I like fancy coffee and eat sushi is no more indicative of any kind of superiority than my love of Scottish tea. I'm not better than you. And you're not better than me. But together we really can do more. So let's work in that direction, okay? We all win when we bring each other up.

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