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Friday, 6 May 2005

Side Note and Pictures

Once again I lost the beginnings of an uncertain update to power failure. And once again, it's just as well. I'm doing better and feeling hopeful and good. I got another letter from my wonderful friend in Japan today, so please excuse me a moment while I respond just a little to him here. (Letter to follow, of course, but this is a quicker way to reassure.)

To Root Beer: I got the letter, thank you. That was so thoughtful and caring and generous, please don't worry. Lots to think about, and I will write you back. I'm not as bereft as maybe I come across here, and there are beliefs and things giving me comfort and sustenance. But above all, thank you for opening it up to me like that, it says a lot about you and me and how long we've known each other, and it means a lot. I also meant to write you in time for your birthday, which I did not forget but I did not manage to do anything about except send birthday thoughts your way. Was thinking of you, I hope it was good.

Back to your regularly scheduled FishDreamer, thank you for your patience.

And what I have for you now is pictures. I recently got my hair cut again, so here are a few shots to show you how it looks. (Vanity? Hmm.) I am making silly faces on purpose for Mr D.

To show you what the color looks like outside. And that was very much one of those grins where I just want the picture taken, please thanks.

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