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Saturday, 6 March 2004

Today Is a Good Day to Die

So I went snowshoeing today, and it was quite an adventure. Good stuff, pretty much all around. My friend Nan picked me up this morning at 8, and we headed to the mountains to meet up with her sister and family. I used to work for them, so I know how they operate. We were both pleasantly surprised that the family arrived actually on time. There was much shuffling around and overlapping of schedules and changing of clothes in the car, but they were there. We had to go drop off the dog at someone's condo, and Sis had to come so she knew where it was, because this was a test for their plan to leave said dog with these people for a couple of weeks while they go off doing trade shows and stuff.

Basically, over the course of today's interactions with the whole crowd, Nan's sister does everything for the kid first and then herself, and by the time she's gotten to her own stuff (arranging clothes, packing up the car, eating lunch, whatever), everyone else is done and waiting for her. At the same time, when it was just the three of us women out on snowshoes, Nan's sister wanted people to do stuff for her and she never waited for the two of us. It's interesting to finally get a handle on what it is that causes interactions with them to be so time-consuming and resemble such a slapstick routine. None of it bothered me, I completely expected it, but I got a little better insight and sympathy for her this time. Her husband is a nice guy, but he handles his stuff first and as a result, he never does anything for the kid (who's like 8 or so).

Anyway. Once we finally got out on the trails, it was after 11. The sun was out, and we had to ride the ski lift up to the top to get to the trailhead. That was fun, I haven't ridden a ski lift in nearly twenty years. All was good and fun and major amounts of exercise in the snow and the trees. Damn, I love snow. I decided at the last minute not to bring my camera, which I was regretting during the ride up the lift and immediately after, when we hiked over a ridge and got this awesome view. I intend to go again with Mr D, although that might have to wait until next year. We'll see. Nan got me a gift card to this place (she works there) for Christmas, so we wouldn't have to pay for passes or anything. I think he'd like it, but since there is only really one trail and it's a loop, it's pretty much a two- to three-hour commitment and that's just the actual snowshoeing part.

We were up hill and down dale for over three hours. We stopped a couple of times to snack or just rest, but mostly we kept at it non-stop. My left hip hurt at one point, and the constant downhill at the end was hard on my knees, but I took some ibuprofen right after. I was perfectly well hydrated, and my one CarbBOOM energy gel and a couple of bites of beef jerky were plenty enough. I wasn't exactly hungry afterwards, but I inhaled my burger at the lodge anyway so I probably really was. My feet got really wet, which wasn't a problem until we got to the lodge and stopped moving. It was in the mid-thirties (fahrenheit) out there, and it started snowing somewhere in the second half.

It was just beautiful. I've lived in this area for almost fifteen years (shit!) and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get to snowshoeing. I don't ski (although I might nordic if the equipment didn't cost so much). Mr D and I went snowshoeing a couple of years ago and loved it, but I didn't have any of the clothes I needed for it. I still need a pair of wind pants, and some proper socks would be good. But I have winter training gear now, and it's good enough for this. We will probably get season passes next year (a whole $50) and go more often. The season is almost over now, so I don't know if we'll make it up again this year. Maybe, if he wants to go. It would be in the next couple of weekends if we do.

My legs will be complaining tomorrow, I know they will. I can already feel parts of my right quad. And my back was stiff by the time we were done. But aside from some crankiness after we took an extra loop around a lake and then realized we still had at least an hour to get back (basically, after two hours which was what we were told it would be), we were pretty cheerful. I've known these two for a long time, and we get along pretty well. I'm used to their sibling interaction and I just don't worry about it. It's not about me, so why should I? (Yes, I've learned a hell of a lot about relating with people and how not to feel like I'm involved in it all from this family, for which I thank them so much!)

We talked a bunch, which we haven't gotten to do much at all lately. Nan's sister doesn't get out much without her family, so she was happy for a day with the girls. And seriously, we all kept exclaiming about how beautiful it was out there. I forget, especially in winter when it's dark at all the times I'm outside (like the commute), how beautiful it is here. It really is. We have big mountains and small mountains and big hills and small hills. We have tons and tons of evergreens (Hi, I live in the Evergreen State), and lots of deciduous trees for that spring green/fall color thing. It's wet and green most of the time, and then there's all the water. We have a nice big lake, and some smaller ones, and then the sound (which I can see from the office at work, on the other side of the building). It really is just pretty here. And it's easy not to notice, when I'm intent on my daily life and not stopping to smell those roses.

So, a very good day. I'm tired, I'm starting to get hungry again, and I think I will sleep very well tonight. I am so glad to be alive right now, in this place and with these people. And that makes all the other stuff worthwhile.

P.S. Spaghetti Western Woman! I got your email, I wrote you back, and I will be calling your ass this weekend sometime. Any of my college friends, I'm talking about Funnel Queen and she's got happy good news and is doing fabulously. Yay! I'm so happy for your new job and soon-to-be new house! Synchronicity is a wonderful thing, and I'm glad it finally got to you!

P.P.S. For anyone who's wondering, today's title comes from the Norse philosophy. We watched The Thirteenth Warrior last weekend, and once I got a chance to ponder it, the philosophy of living your life as if every day were your last is somewhat appealing to me. Me, who worries about the consequences of everything and the long-term effects of every move I make. I need some of that for-the-moment attitude.

And now, I am going to go stretch because I'm stiffening up after today's big trek.

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