FishDreamer scribbles: Howard Dean for President!

Thursday, 5 February 2004


It's nearly 1 am and I can't sleep. I was all tired and warm and cozy, and then Mr D turned out the light and spent the next hour venting about all the things he's not happy with at work. Then he dozed off, and I was all tense and cranky so I got up and came downstairs. And I'm hungry. Not eating, though. That would keep me up longer.

Somewhere, we will find a balance between his need to vent and my need to not be dumped on. My guess is that if we could have a conversation time earlier, like when we get home or while we eat dinner, it would be fine. I don't mind him dumping, I think it's a good thing for him to get it out so he doesn't murder someone or something. It's just the timing of it. (Love you, hon.)

Yes, he does read this.

My week has been a blaze of Howard Dean and Chicklit. Dean's supporters raised $760,000 today, in less than 24 hours (yes, I participated). They were trying for that $700K by Sunday, for the Wisconsin primaries, but since we did it in less than a day they doubled the goal and it's still going strong. I'm all excited.

Chicklit has been somewhat reorganized this week, with a software upgrade and some revised forums. I have a new one to co-moderate, and I'm all excited about the whole thing. This is most easily noted in that six of the most recent posts come from me, and three of them are in consecutive forums. I'm hoping someone else posts in one of those soon, so I don't look like a complete square with nothing else to do.

It's so much fun. I love Chicklit.

But it is now 1 am and I must go to bed. I think I'm relaxed enough now. My feet are certainly cold enough. Good night!

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