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Sunday, 5 December 2004

The Holidays kick off

Right, so the tree is not happening today. Mr D is ill, and slept until nearly 3 today. He got up and parked himself in front of the television to watch old Errol Flynn movies (there aren't any new Errol Flynn movies, are there?). My sister and nephew stopped by to use the facilities on their way home from a show of Peter Pan starring former gymnast Cathy Rigby (who I will forever associate with maxipad commercials, which she did in the 70s). I have been reading Persepolis and creating an Amazon wishlist for myself, at the urging of some distant friends. I've avoided doing that for years because I don't really like Amazon and I hate having to pay both sales tax and shipping, but if it helps people pick things out for me then yay. I'd send them my address if they want it, so they can use it as a shopping list instead of purchasing there. But hey, it's all good.

I wanted to go get the tree in the daytime so we could see the choices better. We might be able to leave work early sometime and come home while it's still light, or we might wait until next Saturday. That was supposed to be cookie-baking day, but my sister is no longer available. We're working on that. Might have to do it on Sunday instead, but then I'd have to skip a work party. However, that would mean we'd have the tree up, and maybe the kids will want to help decorate! Yeah, that sounds good.

The party yesterday was lots of fun, and we didn't leave until 3 a.m. We always end up being at the tail end of people leaving, it's weird. And I found out some of my co-workers are not the Republican die-hards I thought they were. I shocked them by not being the Green voter they thought I was (and since they or their spouses voted Green, it wouldn't be the intended insult it could have been). Very interesting discussions. I drank too much beer, couldn't play darts to save my life, and came home with the cutest snowman on skis metal ornament ever. I love him, he's already on the mantel where I intend to keep him (instead of putting him on the tree).

I am wanting to go have fun and be merry and social, and also wanting lots of sleep and reading time and down time. Balance is not going to be easy for the next while, but I will continue to try. Which is why I am going upstairs now to read some more before I turn in for the night (it's 9:30 here). Have a great week!

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