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Friday, 4 February 2005

Not about the Superbowl

We have finally started sketching out our planned trip to Europe, which is supposed to happen later this year. We picked dates, we're planning locations to visit and Mr D got some travel books so we can look at things we might want to see. We have every intention of meeting online friends while we're there, and interspersing those visits with tourist activities. I never really did anything much touristy during my year in Wales, so I want to see some of the things I didn't have time or money for. I also want to revisit some places, but not very many. Just some.

I also have begun compiling a list. Things I need to do, things I want to purchase, general necessities I need. Like jeans. I have one pair, and I would like to have another. I'd really like a pair of levi's, so I need to get ahold of my friend Catness when I'm better so she can accompany me to the levis store and help me. (She volunteered.)

Sunday night, February 6

I wanted to write more Friday and yesterday, but I didn't quite have it in me. I had a point somewhere, but I've lost it. Our proposed dates for heading to London and parts is late September to early October, then we'll be in North Carolina for my cousin's wedding. And then we'll be driving Mr D's new car home from New Jersey.

Last Monday, we dropped Mr D's car off at the shop for a check-up. Unfortunately, it is not worth repairing at this point. It still works, but it's on the way out. On the way home from picking it up, my car started acting funny. I think it needs a new clutch (I've been through this before, with a different car) so it's going to the shop on Tuesday. Not happy about this, but at least he washed it and it looks all nice and shiny now. It was absolutely filthy, in a state I'd never allowed before. It was bad.

So, the upshot of all this is that after we'd talked about it, and discussed pricing and loans and what we thought we could afford, Mr D mentioned it to his parents. They were planning to get rid of his mom's second car anyway, so they're holding it for us until October. I guess that will be his birthday present. It's very generous of them, and I know he's excited. It's an Infiniti, dark green, and a very comfortable car. It's the car we took up to Boston last August. I just hope our insurance doesn't increase dramatically.

Remember last week when I started to get anxious thinking about the face mask for fencing, and having to face an actual person? Yeah. We did get all decked out in gear, and we practiced how to poke at each other. I started to have trouble the minute I got the mask on. Did NOT like that. It's screen, with big cushioned bits around the entire face, and parts that extend to cover the forehead and chin. I kept having bangs in my face, and then I had an itch on my cheek, and just having my vision obstructed like that made me start to panic.

I managed to keep calm, and once we started practicing it was a little better. But the chest protection is laughable in the standard practice gear, so Mr D got me a nice molded plastic chest protector. It looks a bit like a breast plate, with elastic straps holding it on. Three of the women in the class (me included) were making the men uncomfortable with how we were making fun of the molded cups inserted in pockets of the jackets. Grabbing our own breasts, showing the very poor location the jackets put those cups in (way up center on my breastbone, rather than anywhere near the actual breasts), and my partner (another woman) kept poking me in the breast without meaning to. So, I have a nice plastic bra to wear over my shirt tomorrow night. And I know it will be better!

Fencing is fun. I don't know that I'll continue much, it's not something I see myself ever getting good at, but for now it's a good thing to learn. I am not very good at dealing with confrontation, and this is a type of confrontation that isn't personal and is not likely to lead to damage. In that way, I think it's good for me. As long as I can keep from getting overwhelmed by it, I'll enjoy it and accept what I need.

And with that, I think I'm heading up to bed. Welcome to the new week, and I hope this one is a happy one for everyone. Last week was difficult for me, and a lot of people I care about. I am now off the antibiotics and feeling much better. I just hope it's gone and I don't have to go back to the doctor for this.

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