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Tuesday, 3 September 2002

100 Things

100 things about me, a meme I got from all over the place. I had fun with it, hope someone else thinks it's at least mildly amusing.

1. I am smart
2. I am opinionated
3. Anyone who knows me is not surprised by that
4. I like sushi
5. I bake my own bread
6. My favorite food is lasagna
7. I wear size 8 shoues
8. I'm 5 foot 7 inches tall
9. I won't tell you my dress size
10. I prefer comfort to style
11. That doesn't mean I don't like style, it just has to be comfortable
12. I went to two different boarding schools
13. I graduated from an all-girl high school
14. I used to be on the board of trustees of that high school
15. My favorite artist is Chagall
16. I'm also fond of Van Gogh
17. I had cancer
18. I'm better now, but still dealing with the fallout
19. I like smart people
20. Most people think I'm weird
21. I am intensely private
22. I'm also good at evading questions
23. I went to school in Britain for a year
24. I had a serious boyfriend for the first time while I was there
25. I like bourbon & coke
26. Sometimes I drink too much
27. I am always reading
28. I don't do "normal" very well
29. I like opera
30. I am a runner, swimmer, and triathlete
31. I like to help people
32. I could never be a social worker because I'd have to rescue people
33. I'm generally completely uninterested in professional sports
34. This is my lucky number
35. I'd rather live in Alaska, except you can't get sushi or Thai food there
36. I played soccer when I was 12
37. I sucked, but it might have helped if anyone told me the rules
38. I don't look athletic
39. I have published two books
40. I was 34 when I got married
41. My husband is two and a half years younger than me
42. It doesn't matter
43. I don't have a favorite color, but I don't like teal or pastels
44. I'm tired of the escalating violence and repression
45. I don't care what you say, it's my uterus and I'll make the decisions
46. Don't bother to argue about it, I won't listen
47. I started a Lopi sweater in 1985 that I haven't finished
48. People don't tend to act racist around me
49. I really like Cake (the band)
50. My favorite dessert is cheesecake
51. I drink a lot of coffee
52. But not as much as my dad
53. I have 23 first cousins, all on one side
54. I'm a technodweeb, but not as much as my husband
55. I don't believe in a white male christian god
56. I won't talk about religion unless I know you very well
57. I wear a lot of green and a lot of orange but not together
58. I was born in New York City
59. My grandmother had a window office in the world trade center
60. I'm glad she didn't live to see the towers come down
61. I am definitely a daddy's girl, but apparently I'm a lot like my mother
62. I can't have kids, nor do I want to
63. I went to a small private college
64. I've been a bridesmaid nine times
65. One of those was a lesbian wedding
66. None of the couples I stood up for are divorced, although one should be
67. That's kind of amazing, isn't it?
68. I am lazy and hate housecleaning
69. I have a crush on Billy Boyd
70. I also really like Michael Wincott (fan site) and Val Kilmer (who has a website at but there's nothing there yet)
71. I cry at the drop of a hat - in a verklempt kind of way
72. I don't understand that not everyone sees things the way I do
73. Apparently I'm very blunt
74. I am a fussy control freak
75. I used to like to talk on the phone, but I don't really anymore
76. I lived in Newport, Rhode Island in 1976 when the tall ships came
77. I know how to hula, but only the basics
78. I love to cook, but only when the kitchen's clean and I have lots of time
79. I don't like to get presents if I have to open them in front of anyone
80. I love to give presents though
81. I haven't really got the hang of IM and IRC yet
82. I will not continue to speak if someone interrupts me, although I might stop them
83. I hate arguing
84. 1984 was a very good year
85. The medication seems to be working, and I don't want to take it anymore
86. I love music and I sing all the time
87. I am underpaid
88. I am also very happy in my job, so I wouldn't mind so much if Mr D had a job
89. This is the year I graduated from college
90. My college boyfriend died of lung cancer, although he never smoked
91. I can eat anything, but I throw up easily
92. I am extremely picky
93. I would like to travel a lot more, especially around the world
94. Teachers are criminally underpaid and overworked in our society
95. I believe that if people took responsibility for what they do, we'd be a lot better off
96. Gender and race equity are not yet a reality, and it's getting worse instead of better
97. I can't draw
98. I like rain
99. I love camping
100. My main goal in life is to be happy

And I know I said it last time, but again, I'll be out of town for a while starting Friday so don't expect any updates. The 'rents are here, so the likelihood is even less. Have a happy one, don't get overwhelmed, and hang on to your sanity. I'll be fishing.

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