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Saturday, 3 April 2004

Not much, really

First off, the mammogram went fine and I am clean. Load off my mind, happy Friday evening, and slept just fine last night, thank you.

I used the freebie packet of apple-licious Nair that I got at some race last year (Danskin maybe?) to remove the inch-long hair from the bottom half of my legs. The legs are currently itching up a storm, but given how nice it is outside I am planning to go for a run so showering won't come until after that.

We're having beautiful weather today. The cats are enjoying the sun, the windows and doors are open front and back, and I'm sitting here in the basement writing to you.

Sunday, 4 April 2004

Ha! Except I left to go running and then I got started on the manhattans and the pot roast and never came back. Now it's Sunday night and I am tired and wanting to go to bed but trying to get a whole bunch of work done including laundry for the trip. Can't go to bed until the drip-dry whites are hung, and they are currently in the washer. So we're stuck here together.

I had a good weekend. I ate and drank too much, but not grossly so. I slept, I ran, I chatted with friends, and I dealt with some of the shit I don't like to face and now it's over. I'm pretty content at the moment. I plotted and planned and was cheerful.

I am also ignoring the world right now. I don't like to do that too long or often, but sometimes I just need to let go and recharge and this is one of those times. That means I don't have a whole lot to talk about at the moment, at least not that matters to other people. I mean really, I made a scrapbook page for my parents today, we bought a new suitcase (purple!) and some kitty litter, I love my new running shoes, and I need to get to bed. How exciting is that?

My biggest two concerns at the moment are which books to take with me, and whether I can actually finish all the things I need to do at work tomorrow. I have five or six library books out and I want to take them, but I don't want to lose them. Plus they're mostly hardbacks. Do I take my reading journal with me, or just keep notes in my regular journal and transcribe later? (I will finish at least one book while I'm gone. I will!)

But for right now, I will go to bed. It's late, I'm tired, and I have one really busy day tomorrow. I'll try to update before I go, but if not I'll catch you on the other side. There will be pictures!

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