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Sunday, 29 August 2004

Quiero Cambiarme

It's Sunday afternoon and there's banana bread in the oven, the dishwasher is running, and I need to go put the laundry in the drier. After yesterday's spa day with my mom and my sister, I came home wanting to do nothing at all. It was great. We went to a new place called Serenity, and aside from some traffic flow issues (their relaxation room is also the route from the entry to the office), it was perfect. We each had a facial, a massage, and a foot treatment. And as their very first ever package purchasers, we got cheesecake to follow. We came out of there relaxed and happy and with an appointment to return for my sister's birthday. Yay!

I'm reading an amazing book, Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife. There's a long thread about it at Chicklit, which I will go read as soon as I'm done with the book. It's wonderfully written and I love it. I can't imagine it's going to end happily; actually I know it's not because of something that already happened when Henry travels to the future. But it's so good.

New music recommendation is Jem's Finally Woken. I got my mom to listen to it and she liked it too. I can't believe she recorded the vocals in her bedroom, living room, and her mom's kitchen. I think only one of the songs was recorded in a professional studio. It sounds just fine, and I really like the way she mixed different music styles and came up with her own. I can hear the flaws in some of it, but I like it a lot anyway. Love the words.

Monday, 30 August 2004

I got busy, and I went to bed, and I really didn't have a whole lot more to say yesterday. Tonight, I have Mr D listening to Jem. I found the video for They on her website and showed it to him, and now he's hooked. Usually he finds the new stuff, so this is a small success for me.

I got some stuff done at work today, and was very busy and productive for once. I still feel completely swamped and crazy, and I have that wonderful apprehensive feeling where everyone ducks their heads and tries to avoid being the target. My team is going insane, and I'm flailing around trying to make their jobs easier and not really succeeding yet. It's frustrating.

I finished The Time Traveller's Wife last night, and posted a small thesis on it over at Chicklit today. I hope it wasn't overwhelming; I had a whole lot to say about that book. It was excellent, in so very many ways. Much food for thought. I'm now reading Between Silk and Cyanide for the Nonfiction Club at Chicklit, which I read last year and loved. It is every bit as good this time around, so far.

I'm not feeling particularly inspired at the moment. I don't want to even think about the RNC goings-on in New York, let alone write about it. I got a call from Planned Parenthood today, asking for another donation. Howard Dean is in town tomorrow and I don't think I can go get his new book and have it signed. I am fairly sad about that, but I just can't see how I can up and disappear for three or four hours in the middle of the day. Who schedules a book signing at 12:30 p.m.? And if I do go, I'll be going alone, and then I'll cry and have to catch the bus back to work all sniffly.

Okay, that's totally pathetic. I'm going to try to go, but it's in the University District and it doesn't seem realistic unless all 40,000 college students stay away. Or has college started yet? Maybe not. Either way, if I see him again I will cry. I can't help it - that man brought hope back into American politics for me.

All right, I am going to bed now. With my book. I didn't get enough sleep last night, so I'm going to try for better tonight. Why can't I get to sleep like a normal person? Or do I not want to know?


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