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Friday, 27 August 2004

Tennis, anyone?

So Wednesday night my mom and my sister came over, and we went shopping. We went to Chico's to look for stuff for my mom. I wanted to see if they had a short version of the long skirt I have from there, which they didn't. But in the meantime, Mom and I spent so much time trying on clothes that my sister and my niece got bored and took off for the Hello Kitty store. Despite the lack of skirt, I spent money. I bought two tank tops (shells, they call them when they're nice), and a pair of jean-style trousers with matching pseudo-jean jacket (they say it's a shirt). Black, that suit outfit. It's fancier than anything I've worn to work ever, I think. I wore the trousers on Thursday and was pretty well happy with them, and I wore one of the shirts today and got many compliments. It's a kind of cherry color, and it apparently suits me very well.

I spent way more than I'd intended, but I'm fairly happy with it. Mr D was happy, and he likes the clothes. I know I need clothes for work, and I've been putting off getting more (especially trousers). So it needed to be done, and these are quality clothes that will last me a long time. We had the greatest sales person ever. She listened, she gave opinions and ideas, and she helped a lot. I didn't end up buying most of what she brought me, but she was great. We both took her card so we can call if we want something out of the catalog or whatever. It was a fairly good shopping experience.

I don't know if it's that I'm smaller than I used to be, but I'm finding shopping less of a horror than I expect it to be. Maybe the things I like are back in style a bit now (no, not 80s stuff), or maybe I'm just definite and specific enough. I don't know. I do know that the colors out now make me happy and look good on me.

Thursday was our fourth wedding anniversary, for which we had kind of agreed not to buy each other presents. Instead, after work he took me to the sporting goods store and we bought ourselves tennis raquets and some balls, and then we went across the street to dinner at the House of Garlic. I still love that place. It was packed, with a party of 12 or more that included one of the stupid eejit managers at a former place of employment (I kept my head averted, he never knew it was me), so we had to wait nearly an hour. We toddled off to the liquor store for a few minutes, and watched the traffic go by, and the moon peek out from behind the clouds, and talked. It was a nice night, and as ever the food and the service proved more than worth the wait. I had my leftovers for dinner tonight. I love that place.

Work today tried to eat my soul but I wouldn't let it. Then I came home, and we went over to the tennis court and tried to regain some seriously rusty and (in my case at least) never finely honed skills. It was fun, but I have proof now that there are muscles that hadn't been properly exercised since the last time I played tennis, ten years ago. Oh my. I can't backhand properly at all, and if the ball is too far out to my left (I'm right-handed) I will transfer the raquet to my left hand in an invariably unsuccessful attempt to hit it. I started holding an extra ball in my left hand to stop that, which worked but also prevented my attempts at a proper two-handed backhand. I feel pretty good, and it was really fun to do something with my sweetie that neither of us was ever an expert at but both of us at least knew how to do. It's the end of summer and I'm sorry we didn't do this sooner, but the courts are open all winter and I'm sure we'll have more fun out there. I just need to remember that it backs up on peoples' yards, so I shouldn't swear and laugh too loud. Which I did. A lot. (More the laughing than the swearing, honest.)

It's nice to have enough money to do some of the things we've always wanted to. We've talked about playing tennis for years, but couldn't afford the raquets before. I still need to get shoes.

And another thing that having money left over after the bills has afforded is for us to begin decorating. I know I talked about not being Martha Stewart and not being interested in decorating before. It's not that I think decorating is for sissies, it's that I have no talent for it and until now I never had the money. I think getting the two rooms painted last November whetted my appetite. And then we bought the paintings and pictures in New Jersey, and I want to get my house in order.

I envy people who know how to do this. I can't keep it tidy, let alone begin to put my stamp on the place. We have three couches, all of which were free or close to it. I have all the furniture I inherited from my grandparents, plus the objets d'art that went with it. And I want to paint the living room, hang my paintings, install the bookcases we keep talking about, and make this house a comfortable place to be. I want my yard to look cared for, not neglected. (Oh, the dandelions...) We need to cut back all the trees, I want to move the roses to the front yard, and I'm simply tired of living in stacks of stuff. We don't tend to acquire in the usual way - cars, clothes, furniture, the outward trappings of success. No, we have books and movies and music and toys. We're out of space, at least until we find some way to organize it all.

We're working on it. Both of us have this desire, we just don't have the time. If I didn't spend nine or more hours away from home every day, I'm sure I could have a nicer home. But I do, so the house remains neglected. At least we have it cleaned regularly, because that didn't happen before either.

And I know the minute I have it the way I want it, I'll want to move. Life is perverse that way. Except that I hate to move, so I doubt it. I really hate to move. As long as we don't have to relocate (which could happen, who knows), we both intend to stay here for some time. Here's hoping.

Thanks to the tennis, my right bicep and forearm are going to be sore tomorrow. I can already feel complaints from those little muscles in my backside that are used for sideways motion and jumping. And I don't care; it was glorious. I'm glad there wasn't anyone else out there, because we were all over the place. I want to take lessons and get some practice, but that might need to wait for next summer. In the meantime, I will go hit little yellow balls back and forth (and up, and over there, and oops!) with my sweetie. Because it's fun.

Have a great weekend.

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