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Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Pictures! I love pictures!

Some vacation pictures from Hawaii.

Me ringing the bell at Valley of the Temples, where we've gone since I was too small to reach the rope. One of my all time favorite places in Hawaii.

This is the view of the temple from near where I was in the previous picture. There are carp, turtles, geese, doves, and peacocks (although because it was rather wet, we neither saw nor heard the peacocks - will just have to go back).

Front view of the temple, including the mountains behind (which are part of the spinal ridge of Oahu). I apparently just randomly walked in front of Mr D while he was taking this. Is it not beautiful?

As I said, there are carp in the water around the temple, and the little gift shop sells food bags so visitors can feed them. This is what happens when a handful of food hits the water. Those fish are around 8 to 12 inches long. There are some gorgeous ones. And this has also been going on since I was little.

This is the view to the north from the Pali lookout, going over from the windward side (which this is) to the Honolulu side (where we were going). It was very windy and quite cold up there. And Joley! That distant peak in the background, the last bit of land you can see, is the peak in the background at the end of the beach in the Scott Cole video. I noticed it last night: In the beginning part, where he's on the beach and "we're all moving on a collective journey" he's got that peak behind him, which means he was somewhere on Kailua bay when that was filmed. I made Mr D watch it to make sure I wasn't imagining it, and I wasn't.

This is Mr D checking out the menu at Bikini Cantina, on the waterfront in Honolulu. Great view to sit back and enjoy with your kalua pork tacos, eh?

This is the picture that shows I do actually have a waist, and also just how womanly my hips are. Even at a slight angle. It was taken quite near where we had lunch, and you can see Sand Island in the background same as you could in the previous shot of Mr D. Great ship, too. It's part of the Maritime Museum.

This is the view to the east at the beach (say it with me) we went to when I was a kid. I took Mr D to different parts of this beach three times while we were there. (Joley, if you stood where this picture is and look to the left, you'd see that same peak that's in the background of the Tai Chi video.)

Mr D on the boogie board at that same beach. No, you can't see him very well. That's not the point of the picture. He was having a blast with the boogie board, as was I until it rubbed inside my elbows raw.

That's not all the pictures we took, but I think it's enough for now. I want to go back!

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