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Saturday, 26 June 2004

What's up?

I'm busy making mixes for the Chicklit exchange. First was the happy uplifting mix, in which I learned that music which makes me happy is only sometimes actually happy music. I tend to prefer thoughtful or somewhat bittersweet music, or just plain weird stuff. The first time I realized that I liked sad music was when I got an REM album for Christmas (it was Document for those who know their REM, and I love it still). I hadn't really put it together before listening to "Oddfellows Local 151" and thinking, huh, you know - that's kind of sad.

Hi, just call me Captain Obvious. Or maybe Oblivious, since Obvious is already taken. (Hi, Legolas!)

So I spent my morning trying to make Cake fit with Katrina and the Waves and Paulina Rubio, and figure out how to flow from the boppy poppy to the rocky happy to the slower pleasing. I'm not sure I managed, but I like the result so we'll see. And now I'm selecting among all the Japanese and Korean pop Mr D has collected for my other mix, which really isn't going to be a mix at all. It will be several songs by each artist, grouped by artist rather than mixed around because otherwise it's really hard to tell them apart. (They're all female vocalists, and it's mostly not in English.) I get paired with such interesting people!

This mix requires me to listen to all of the albums, because I only know a few songs by name. It doesn't help that the Korean ones are mostly written on the case in Korean, so I can't tell the names there either. Whee. How do I write up the playlist if it's in a language I can't read?

We have one Boa album, one Eugene album, three Mai Kuraki albums, one Hyori Lee album I didn't even know about, two FinKL albums, three Pizzicato Five albums, one that's not readable (it looks like two ess-tsets followed by a division sign), and one that the computer borked on and I don't know who it is. My player can't read those files anyway, so it might not matter.

So it's Saturday, and it's nice and sunny. We're going to a housewarming party tonight. I want to do my yoga but I also want my dinner and it looks like today, the tummy wins. I think I'll try to go to Bikram tomorrow. I need that.

Today, I need to be still and quiet. I'm reading Reading Lolita in Tehran and it's frustrating and sad. There's hope, but I keep waiting for the bad things to happen. I'm hoping they don't, that she doesn't get tortured and her students don't disappear. It's frightening to know what's coming, although the writing is not chronologically linear (at least I don't think it is) so I can't tell exactly where in time it is sometimes.

And then there is the party this evening, at which I intend to remain comparatively sober so we can go home at a reasonable hour. When these people have parties, we usually stay until two or three in the morning, and I just don't want to screw up my internal clock like that.

Post-Party update: Okay, I didn't drink a lot, but I drank a bunch of different stuff. And we got home at 2 a.m. despite intending to leave at 10. They just have great friends and throw good parties, and it's hard to leave when you're having that good of a time. And please note that Ichiro Teriyaki & Sushi where we had dinner makes amazing sushi. We will be going back.

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