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Sunday, 26 December 2004

A Quick Bite

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a slight cough, and pain around my solar plexus. Apparently, now that the strain of Christmas is over, my body decided to let go of the illness I knew was lurking and let it run its course. The throat pain is caused by my sinuses finally draining. I'm not sure where the cough came from, but I will not be doing any hard aerobic activity this week. It doesn't quite hurt to breathe, but I can feel it. It's a very good thing this will be a slow week at work.

I had a fairly lovely Christmas day. Mr D spoiled me once again, everybody liked their presents and the kids were thrilled with some of the stuff they got from us. The turkey was done two hours ahead of schedule, but since I had prepped most of the rest of the meal in anticipation of my sister's family coming over, with a little bit of rushing around we had everything ready to go. And it was perfectly cooked. I think I'll try tenting it again next time - Mr D's mother did that because the turkey was browning too quickly and she didn't want it to burn, which meant it steamed itself somewhat and was beautifully moist. The sweet potatoes were really good too. And the mashed potatoes were properly lumpy.

Today is really the first day I feel like we have some good down time. I slept until nearly noon, since I felt so bad. I think we're heading into town as soon as we shower, which should be crowded and frantic but I'm hoping to have that happy holiday spirit since I have no returns and nothing I simply must find. Just browsing and looking at the pretty lights.

I'm hoping I can make it a few hours without turning into the Grinch. We'll see. And I need to get going. Happy Boxing Day, everyone.

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