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Friday, 26 August 2005

Weekend Update

I forgot to take my allergy nasal spray one morning this week, and I could feel the difference. Gah. This means it's actually working, which is great, but it also means I will need to continue to take it, possibly forever. Bleah. But if it keeps me from feeling like I did most of last week, I guess I'll keep taking it.

And now it's Saturday night. I'm tired; I had a busy day and not a lot of sleep last night. I'm hoping to get a little sleep in time tomorrow, if the cats and the weather cooperate.

The allergy thing (if that's all this is) still has me not quite back up to par. My nose runs, and I've constantly got phlegm in my throat. My lungs aren't entirely happy with me. And my throat is still sore, I'm sure a consequence of the stuff dripping down the back of it from my sinuses. I think I'm going to have to go get allergy tested to see what I'm allergic to, and whether I can avoid some things and feel better.

I'm having a very difficult time right now. Things are not improving, and I'm getting really tired and discouraged. Mr. D goes on vacation next week to visit his mom, so I'll have some time to myself for a week or so. I know this will help, even with the company I'll be having for a few days while he's gone.

Okay, and now it's Sunday. One entry this weekend is all we're going to get, apparently. Banana bread is in the oven (mmm), dishes are done, and I just cleaned the cast iron pans I used last week that Mr D left dirty in his cleaning of everything else in the kitchen yesterday. Which gave me food for thought.

I don't know why he left those two dirty pans on the stove. Maybe, just maybe, he remembered that I am very particular about how they're cleaned, so he didn't throw them in a sinkful of hot soapy water with the rest of the pots & pans. Those pans belonged to my grandparents, and are perfectly seasoned. Anyone who uses cast iron regularly knows you do NOT clean it with soap. Mr D did not know this, and I about threw a fit the first time I saw him squirt the dish soap into my cast iron frying pan.

To clean cast iron, run the hottest water you can stand into the pan. Scrub with a scrubby thing (sponge, steel wool, whatever) that has NO SOAP on it. Scrub off all the gunk and the grease, running hot water over it as necessary. When it's as clean as you can get it, throw it back on the stove on high until it's dry, then remove from heat. Once it's cool, you can wipe some oil in there if you need to (if it's dry). I don't usually do that, I haven't really had to.

This is how my dad taught me to clean cast iron pans. This is how I do it. Using soap or leaving them to dry will ruin the seasoning. One of my roommates used to put them on the heat dry while she prepared the meat she was going to cook. This is okay if the meat's nearly prepared, but the pan eventually cracked from all that (on the back side, I don't think it went all the way through). I usually put oil in it unless I'm cooking bacon or hamburger, because otherwise whatever I put in there is going to stick.

I am very protective of those pans. Inherited cast iron is the best thing, then you don't have to season it yourself. Plus, they were the pans my beloved grandfather used when he cooked, so there's a lot of sentimental value for me.

And that is all I've got right now. Not particularly exciting, I know. Sorry.

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