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Monday, 20 December 2004 (and a few days after)

It took me days to write this

Okay, so I vented. I let a little steam off over here, and I let some more off in email (sorry, friend, I hope you don't mind), and I feel a bit better. I am in cheerful stupid mode at the moment, after dinner and two episodes of Red Dward (Seventh Day Advent Hoppists!). I have a cat in my lap and a beer next to the computer, and only three days left until I'm off for the weekend. Plus I got four sets of presents in the mail today. It still amazes me that people I've never met want to send me cards and gifts. I do it too, of course, but it's still wonderful.

And it's now Thursday, I'm off class and all of a sudden I'm starting to get a little excited about Christmas. I hope I never have something that keeps me this busy the week before a major event again, because it really seems to have dampened my enthusiasm to be so very busy. Stress will do that.

Okay, and now it's late Friday night. The Christmas dinner and trappings were purchased on Thursday after work, we went out to dinner at the local pub, and then today we went and got our present from Mr D's parents (they bought us a new oven, to be delivered and installed on the 6th of January). Had lunch with friends, and then ran to the Title 9 store that had just opened across the street. I love their catalog, but I'm afraid to order clothes without feeling them and trying them on. I got an eggplant-colored running shirt. I would love to get more, but we needed to get moving and I am saving my pennies.

We were going to go into town to hit the big shopping area, since Stepfather-in-law wanted to get stocking stuffers and such like, but we were all kind of beat. We came home, and I laid down with the cat for a bit. Did some yoga while the men went off to the geek store for a CD drive (kitchen computer was not working properly) and stocking stuffers. We had pizza for dinner (it is, after all, Friday) and then I watched a movie with the in-laws while my husband fiddled with computer things and fixed them.

I now have access to the kitchen computer from my computer again, so I can listen to any of our music from the comfort of my own computer. And I am - currently have Erasure on. (Hi college roommates, this one's for you!) It's nearly midnight and I really need to get to bed. I want to try and have the turkey in the oven by 8, and I still need to make the stuffing for it. After that I can go back to bed for a few hours. The rest of the preparations won't be necessary until long after noon, although I'm fairly likely to get as much as possible prepped before my sister arrives with her family. It's more difficult to accomplish things when I'm sharing the space with all those people, and I want to enjoy their company. Plus that way I can weild the sharp instruments long before I start to tipple any.

Mr D rearranged the garage a bit and put the shelves right inside the door, so we have an extra pantry out there. It's been really cold out, so it's about like having another refrigerator. The turkey is out there, in a cooler. I think we're as ready as we can be for tomorrow, although I need a little more sleep. Oh, and I should probably make more ice cubes. Right.

I am feeling more mellow than excited about all this. I'm happy to have my in-laws here, and my husband happy, and that I get to share the day with my sister and her family again. I hope you all have a good day tomorrow, be it filled with people and laughter and excitement or on your own in contentment and warmth. I'll be raising my glass tomorrow in honor of all my family and friends all over the world. I am grateful to know every one of you with whom I've had contact. May your life be filled with peace and light and hope for a better world.

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