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Saturday, 16 April 2005

New Music!

We're just hanging around this lovely blustery Saturday afternoon. Mr D is fixing something that broke in his game yesterday, and when he's done we're going to go get storage baskets for the freezer and pick up some wine at the wine store. (They have monthly specials and I want to get some of the cotes du rhone that's on fabulous mark down.) I'm drinking coffee and I just had an apple fritter. It's 3:30, and I've been up for all of two and a half hours.

I didn't really need to sleep so late, but it sure felt marvelous. I did need to catch up on my sleep a bit, and I had nothing pressing to do today. I woke up with a cat between my knees, curled up and purring. It felt luxurious to lounge in bed all morning, it truly did.

Sunday, 24 April 2005

Not doing so well with the updating this month, am I? At least you have the evidence above that I'm trying. I've been really busy and even more introspective than is usual for me, which hasn't left me a lot of time to write. It's the end of a nice, relaxing weekend in which I got much more sleep than usual, discovered a new band, and saw Puffy AmiYumi.

They were great, I had a wonderful time. The opening band was quietdrive, who were really good. I liked the music (there's a page where you can download three songs from their website so you can hear it) and got a demo CD. Went and talked to the singer later, and the guy selling their stuff, and told them I thought their music was great and can't wait until their CD comes out (this summer). Go, check them out. They sound familiar already, although I don't think I'd heard them before. They're a bit harder rocking in concert, but the music is just great.

Puffy AmiYumi were so much fun. They seemed a bit uncertain and stiff when they came on, but relaxed quickly and put on a great show. The music is very poppy and upbeat, and I danced in my chair the whole time. I'd been feeling unwell since Thursday, but I guess getting enough sleep Friday (I slept the clock around) was enough to make it better. It was so worth it! They had little cards with English on them, so they could talk to the audience. They'd do rapid-fire back and forth in Japanese, then one of them would pull up the cards and start haltingly speaking in English. It was also nice to see all the families there. Lots of Japanese people, and lots of hip youth, and lots of kids. It was fun, in a way that I sorely needed. Mr D and I spent the evening singing along and grinning at each other.

I was up most of Saturday night though, which wasn't the best idea. I didn't get to bed until nearly 5 a.m., and made myself get up around noon so I'll be able to sleep tonight. That was stupid, as was the amount of beer I consumed between the concert and at home after. Oh well. I feel okay, and since we went for a four-mile walk this evening I'm fairly sure I'll sleep okay tonight.

I have cauliflower roasting in the oven right now. We have been regularly consuming an entire head of cauliflower this way, which is the most delicious tasty way to get my vegetables in I've ever tried: chop it up into thin and/or small pieces, stir up with a bunch of olive oil, salt and pepper, put it in a large pan so it's a single layer, and roast at 450 F for half an hour to forty-five minutes and it's all got black carmelized bits everywhere. I've been putting in curry powder with the salt and pepper because Mr D thought it sounded good (and it was), but that's not necessary. When it's done, we're going to watch an episode of Alias (season 2) and then head up to bed.

But before I go, a plea: If you haven't already ordered your Chicklit t-shirts, do it this week. Even if you're not a regular Chickliterati, you can still get the shirt. It's so cute! And it says you're smart, witty, and literate as hell. Who wouldn't want to be that? They're only available until the end of April, which is this coming Saturday. Get yours now!

Which also brings up - how the hell did it get this late in the year already? We're almost to birthday month, and I'm going to be 39 this year!

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