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Thursday, 23 September 2004

A Bit Better of a Day

It's the fourth day of our class and things have reached the ludicrous stage. Because of the way our company locks down the usage of laptops, we couldn't download the software to use the graphical user interface (aka the GUI), and we've been doing everything at the command line. No one ever does this kind of work on the command line. Even our experienced engineers had to do it three or more times to get it right, and those of us who were struggling to begin with are failing gloriously.

And it appears that the materials were never edited or tested in any way, because we're finding typos and errors and really very poor wording all over. Which hurts the tech writer in me, and tells me how very unprofessional this is. And the company is paid a LOT to give this class. It's more than irritating.

I intend to let the boss know that if we're paying for this, we should get a rebate. This is ridiculous.

We are, however, learning. Something. I'm just not sure how useful it is, or how applicable it is to what we need to do. (This is a class for some new hardware we've ordered. It has its own interface and software for managing, which is what we're supposed to be learning. Clear?)

This is what my week has been like. It only sometimes makes sense, and then it doesn't work and we can't figure out why. Fun, eh?

And my brain is so overloaded that I can't think of anything else to write about. Can't think. Can barely read in the evenings, and I have no desire to get online and chat even though I miss my friends and Chicklit. I am missing all the fun. I went to bed last night at 8:30 and read for half an hour before I snuggled down to sleep.

Now there's something I can talk about! A few years ago, Mr D bought me the complete set of L. M. Montgomery's Anne books. I thought I'd read Anne's House of Dreams before but I hadn't. The one I'd read was Anne of Ingleside, which I'm now reading. I read House of Dreams earlier, and I loved it. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think. I want to get to Rilla of Ingleside, which is the last book.

I am liking Anne of Ingleside better this time. I think that was the book I found in the library fifteen years ago, when I first found out there were more than just the first three books. I read Montgomery's journals recently, and I think that is making all the difference. She isn't exactly the same as Anne, but there's a lot of similarity. And it helps the understanding from both directions.

I love these books. I really, really do. I wish I'd known there were more before, since I read the first three when I was in high school, but a lot of the criticism I've seen of the later books is that Anne gets boring when she becomes a mom and stops writing. I don't see it that way. House of Dreams was lovely. Anne of Ingleside is a bit less interesting as far as Anne goes, but it's still lovely. It just doesn't have the one central character; it focuses on the whole family instead.

We'll see. I find these to be fast reads, so I should be done with this one by the weekend. I kind of want to draw it out, but I've waited so long to read them that I might not.

So that's my reading. I've gotten stalled out occasionally, but I am ahead of where I was last year so I'm happy.

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