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Wednesday, 21 April 2004

Nothing and Everything

Argh. Monday night and the week ahead of me and all I want to do is go read my book. Anyone mind? Okay, bye.

Yes, I really wrote that on Monday. Today, I'm just feeling stifled. I can't find anything to say that I don't think will hurt someone, or that I think is fair and real and not just me being a whiny, bitchy, grouch. I'm tired of feeling unpleasant, and I'm tired of being unpleasant. So what can I talk about that isn't people?

We had a lovely dinner tonight. Iowa pork chops done on the grill, with corn and wild rice. I even have some chop left, which I didn't last time we had these. I realized tonight that we are probably going to eat everything in our freezer long before we make it back to Iowa for some more meat (currently scheduled for September 2005). That trip back was expensive last September, in the available funds, but we have not bought beef or pork since then.

Think about that a moment, all you non-vegetarian people. (Vegetarians can smirk about not buying meat at all.) If you calculate the cost of the trip (including rental car and some hotel stays along the way) and the cost of the meat & packaging, we spent less than $2 per pound. And we have enough meat to last us at least through Christmas. We're eating most of the cheap cuts first, because I like pot roast and pea soup and chili and spaghetti with hamburger or sausage sauce and find those all easy to cook. We haven't had a serious steak out of this meat yet, but as soon as summer arrives I know we will.

We do occasionally buy chicken, and I think I cooked a turkey at least once. (Hello, Thanksgiving.) But we have meat for all occasions. The ham hocks are particularly wonderful for navy bean soup. I even liked the ham steak Mr D pulled out to chop up for macaroni and cheese, and I don't like ham. The sausage (both bratwurst patties and tubes of Italian) is excellent. Currently in my fridge I have spaghetti sauce made with bulk Italian sausage, meatloaf made from the hamburger, and the remains of my pork chop from tonight. I love having meat that came from happy animals, that wasn't mass processed or treated with all kinds of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Anyone hungry yet? Sorry!

What else? We finally joined the club in our neighborhood. It's a swim and tennis club, with a tiny little room for weights and cardio machines. I'm all excited to play tennis again, although it's been twenty years or so (I've played once since I got back from Britain) and I never was a very good player. I still think it's fun. And there are two treadmills, so I can go run in winter if I want. The big problem I have with that is that the weight room isn't connected internally to any of the other buildings, and there's no water fountain or restroom. Imagine me having to pee while lifting, and being required to go outside and about twenty yards away to the building with the toilets. In winter? That seems odd to me, but the weight room was added much later.

Mr D and I have plans to swim once a week. Did you know he's a former swimmer too? He was a diver and swimmer in high school (as well as a gymnast). He's all fast-twitch sprinter muscles, and I'm all slow-twitch distance muscles, but we can at least work out once or twice a week together. We both want to lift weights. Must go check that room out again.

I'm planning to do a half marathon in July. I haven't managed to tell my chiropracter that yet. He's trying to get me to bikram yoga, so I'm thinking maybe this weekend I'll go. I went vaguely into triangle pose to tell him about this weird joint pop I get when I do that, and *pop*! Surprised him! I'm a weird mix of athlete and regular person, and I think he's not quite sure what to do with me. I come in and tell him that the latest Runner's World has a stretch that I think is for the thing that's bugging me (the piriformis, in this case; it's a little muscle around the sit bones/butt joint that does a lot of work and is hard to stretch). And I'm still kind of heavy, although I guess he believes me that I'm athletic. I ran there today, which was awfully nice. It was about 65 F and sunny, and I showed up somewhat red-faced and sweaty. Not too bad, but enough to be obvious.

But the bikram. I have avoided it because I tend to get faint and nauseated if I exert myself in heat, but he told me to hydrate extra well, pee right before, and give it a try. The place nearby doesn't mind if you rest when you need to, so I guess I'll go. I love yoga, it makes me feel so much better. I'm going to try it Saturday morning. He thinks the warming on my hamstrings will help me fix some of the tension, because it's pulling on my knees and my hips. I stretch, I do yoga every other day, but I'm still having trouble.

The look on his face when my hip popped! Heh. He'd just adjusted the hip joints, so he really didn't expect that (neither did I).

So, not an exciting entry but better than silence (I hope). I should check my stats, I have no idea if anyone is reading anymore. Oh, and I recommend you go over to Shelley's and offer congratulations. She and M are gonna have a baby!

Happy Humpday. I hope I will get out of this non-communicative cranky slump soon.

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