FishDreamer scribbles: Howard Dean for President!

Sunday, 1 February 2004

He was here! I saw him!

I am caught up in all kinds of busy at work, of the good and the puzzling kind both. The Dean campaign is struggling, but in what I think is a good way. I'm sorry to see Trippi go, but I don't know enough about it to say anything else. I really, really, really want Dean to win, and if this will do the trick then I am all over it. I'm drafting letters to some other online people I've never contacted whose stuff I read regularly. I wrote and subscribed to Heather Corinna yesterday. She's writing a book on sexuality (my guess is along the lines of Our Bodies, Ourselves but up to date) and I wanted to support that, as well as her.

And Dean was here yesterday, to talk about health care. I volunteered to work, and ended up registering people via laptop. There were 13 of us sitting at that table. I got to hand my laptop off to someone else halfway through, and I started answering questions and finding information for people. It was a zoo. The line to get in went all the way around the block and came back around again. (Longer than the line for Return of the King the day after it came out!) We ended up breaking down all the registration tables so people could stand in the lobby and listen. And then one of the campaign guys who flew in with Dean (I think) grabbed me and pulled me upstairs to where I could stand inside the room (it looked like a church and I think it used to be) and listen and see.

I got tears in my eyes when Dean came in, before all this, and spoke a moment to those of us in the lobby who couldn't get into the room. When the kind stranger showed me where to stand with the IUPAT guys, I got to watch the crowd and Dr. Dean. I'm afraid I got all caught up in it, and when he got to the veterans health benefits and pay, and the disabled Viet Nam vet told his story and asked what Dean was going to do for disabled vets, and Dean talked about how wrong it was to cut combat pay (the current administration tried) and how a third of our homeless are veterans and eligible for benefits but these benefits keep getting cut, and these people stood up and offered their lives for their country and this is how they're being "rewarded," I started to cry.

I know I've said before that my dad was in Viet Nam when I was born. Did I mention that he won't talk about it? I don't know what he went through. He was 25 when I was born, and he was on patrol in a harbor. It was his job to make sure the people on the fishing boats weren't smuggling weapons. I grew up in the military. The fact that my military officer father is considering voting for Dean, the conscientious objector, says a whole hell of a lot about both men (to me!) and the failure of the current White House resident.

I could tell you more about the forty-five minute event, like the answer to the guy who asked why civil unions and not marriage (because marriage is religious and we shouldn't be in the business of telling our churches how to run, any more than they should tell us how to run our business), and what he's going to do about the abortion rate (proper health care, real sex education, and get the government out of our bedrooms - standing ovation there). But you already know how I feel and the information is out there for anyone who wants it. (And if you go there, you'll see a link on the left called "on the issues" which takes you to his stands on other issues.)

So. Last night my sister and niece came over to go shopping. We had burgers (brat patties, oh yum) and trooped off to the big fancy local mall. Mr D and I have promised to take the niece there again, she wasn't much excited about it until we got there. She and Mr D went off to the Sanrio store (among other places) while my sister and I hit Eddie Bauer and then Lane Bryant. I got two sweaters, a turtleneck, and a fleece pullover, all on sale. Shopping is so weird to me. Either it's on or it's off. I went in pursuit of a pair of jeans, but four pairs at Eddie Bauer didn't fit at all and Lane Bryant only had the ones I wanted either in the color I already have, or in extra long. I'm fairly tall, but I have a long waist and thus proportionate legs instead of the long ones women usually have. In other words, I'm about the same length from my hipbones (the pointy ones in front) in either direction. I understand it's a Celtic thing, Mr D is the same way. It doesn't look distorted or odd, it's just the way it is.

So they're holding a pair in the right size at another mall, where I will stop after my cousin's birthday party this afternoon. And then I will have three pairs of jeans! And five pairs of pants instead of four! (Yes, I wear jeans to work.) My sister got a pair of khaki jeans, too. Everything was on sale. It was great.

So, the niece. Mr D took her to Sanrio where she found many interesting things, and then they went to Limited Express (a hip young clothing store), and then he treated her to an Orange Julius. She'd never had one before. The mall in our city is pretty big, and fairly upscale. The Niece quite liked it. There were also many dressed to the hilt high schoolers there, so there must have been some kind of formal dance that evening. I think that was an extra draw for my ten-year-old definitely hitting pubescent niece.


Meatloaf in the oven, laundry in progress, cousin's birthday party successful and fun, and new jeans purchased (they're in the dryer). It's 8:30 and I am feeling good. I would like a few less weekend plans sometime soon, but since my darling brother is likely coming up next weekend it won't be then. We need to get the niece and A&B's daughter over again for a night sometime, probably in March. I am trying to make plans and purchase tickets to go visit my parents and then Mr D's family reunion this summer. Tomorrow night is Dean HQ visit, and the night after that apparently he's going to be here again. (Woo!) I'm trying to get the gumption to canvass my neighborhood and see if I can scare up a few people for next weekend's caucus, but I don't talk politics well and I'm really shy about it. (No, really.) I'm trying.

Next Saturday is going to be rough for me, no matter what happens. If little brother doesn't come, I bet we'll go hang out with the New Best Friends who got us involved in the first place (Mr D's co-worker) and get drunk. Here's hoping for much celebrating next weekend. Please?!

But I want to go read some more, and hang with Mr D while he works the puzzle we got at the going-out-of-business Wizards of the Coast retail store, so I'm off. Happy New Month to everyone, I hope it's a very good one. This month two of my favorite people have birthdays (the Neff and Deborah, both on the same day). Plus my old room mate, who I need to call. I am still trying not to talk politics all the time, but it will be a large part of my life this coming week and I intend to keep notes on the caucus because I'm appalled that I reached nearly 38 before I found out that Washington's primary doesn't count, and therefore I've never been to a caucus before. I plan to share the experience.

This despite the fact that most of the time when I promise to write about something, I don't. Vacation, anyone?

Have a great week.

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