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Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Stuff and Things

Welcome to Christmas month! It's going to be a busy one. We went tonight and got portraits taken, for the first time since our wedding (and only our second set of studio portraits ever - the other is from our engagment). Mostly for our families, but we also got a large one for our picture wall. It was weird, and I don't like getting my picture taken, but we needed to do it.

After pictures, we went to see if the barbecue place we love was open. It wasn't, but the guy we know there was closing so we knocked and said hi. He let us in and we talked for a while. This is the guy who catered our rehearsal dinner, driving all the way to Tacoma (about 45 miles) on a Friday evening to deliver barbecue for forty people (and a keg!). We love him. We're planning to go in on Saturday on our way to the annual ornament exchange party thrown by my co-worker/former lead. I can't wait. I was so hungry and it smelled so good in there, but I wasn't going to make him cook when he was closed. He sold us half a gallon of barbecue sauce though, so that was awesome. My favorite, that stuff.

Mr D wanted Taco Hell for dinner, so we went to the one nearby. I grew up without Mexican fast food, so I don't care for it but I was so hungry (at 9 pm) that I agreed. Wish I hadn't. The woman at the register didn't speak English well enough to tell me what was in anything, so I ordered blind. (I have no idea what any of that shit is. You tell me what a Baja Burrito is supposed to have in it!) I think it would have been okay had I gotten what I actually ordered (a Ranchero Chicken Burrito) instead of the Spicy Chicken Burrito shit I got. I just hate Taco Hell. Hate. I'm still hungry, but I wasn't about to ask them to make what I actually wanted. So I ate half of it and threw the rest away. Mr D will likely go back, it's something that he grew up thinking of as a treat, but I won't. Fuck that. One bad meal won't kill me, but I have never gotten anything worth eating any time I've tried to eat there.

And I am incredibly fussy about my food. I can tolerate weird, I will eat semi-crappy, but if I'm expecting something particular and I don't get it, I am a long-faced mopey whiner. Plus I really like Mexican food, so crappy pseudo-Mex fast food really upsets my balance.

Work continues to be work. I got all motivated this week somehow and did a bunch of stuff that's been gathering dust, so that was good. And I would like to say again how much I love my boss. Best boss ever. (You reading this, boss?) Shitty day today and it's his birthday, so that was sorry. I left cookies on his desk but I don't think I even said anything to him today. Too busy. (Him, not me.) Happy Birthday, Boss! Hope you liked the cookies.

The physical therapy is working!! I went Tuesday morning and she did some new stretches on my back, and I have had NO PAIN there since. It gets a little stiff if I sit wrong, and my neck and foot still hurt, but I haven't been without back pain in years. This has put me in the best mood ever for two days now. I can't quite believe it yet.

Listening to Dave Matthews Band for the first time in ages. I remember the first time I heard Don't Drink the Water and all I heard was the anger. I don't hear that anymore. It's still somewhat jarring, but now I hear pain and wildness where I used to hear grating anger. Interesting stuff. I love music.

So our schedule this month is exciting. Tonight we had pictures, tomorrow Mr D has to go do some work in the evening, Friday I am hoping to have some snark time with friends, Saturday we have our first holiday party, and Sunday we need to get our tree. That involves rearranging the living room to fit a tree, which also requires some tidying. Next week we have his work party Tuesday, Alan Lee at my favorite bookstore on Thursday, my work party Friday (including LOTS OF ALCOHOL), baking cookies with my sister on Saturday, and a work-friend party on Sunday. Following week, if we haven't collapsed yet, has I think just one party (good work friend) and then possibly seeing Richard Cheese somewhere in town.I need to fit in some shopping somewhere, because we're not done yet and I've gotten NOTHING for Mr D yet. And then his parents arrive, Christmas is here, and omigod it's the end of the year.

I am looking forward to every bit of it, but I am such an introspective person that I know I'm going to need down time in there. And I'll get it, somehow. But that means that I really ought to go to bed, since it's past midnight now. I hope you are all warm and happy and feeling well. I wish good things for everyone, but warm and happy and healthy is the base of it all. After that, I'll give you music.

Good night!

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