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Sunday, 19 December 2004

Bah, humbug!

I have been completely unmotivated to write. I'm still not coming up with anything to say, but I know if I at least try, eventually something will come out.

Less than a week to Christmas. We got all our packages mailed, and I made it down to my sister's yesterday so she could take our presents down to Oregon and give them to my brother. The house is ever so slowly coming together. I finished decorating the tree today. And I woke up this morning running through the things I need to do for Christmas dinner next week. It's not really fun to wake up in a panic about not having ordered the turkey yet.

I think I'd be in better case if I didn't have training this week. All the other years, the week up to Christmas at work has been completely dead, and I had time to do things. This time, I'll be in training all four days this week, which means not only no down time, but I'll be tired when I get home. It's right down the hill from home, so that's a bonus. I am planning to come home at lunch most days.

Mr D was a bit put out to realize that means I won't be able to go to the airport with him Thursday, to pick up his parents. It also means he's going to be doing the bulk of the cleanup work at home, because I tend to come home from technical training completely exhausted. This is with a lot of the same people who were at the training in September, so it could be fun. We'll see. And if the first day shows me it's just not going to work, I'll go back to the office.

I'm just feeling kind of down. Mr D hasn't been full of cheer and excitement, which pulls me down a little bit. I went shopping with a friend last week, and that was fun. We hit the CD store, the chocolate store, the Made in Washington store, and then made a brief run through the perfume and makeup store (Sephora) before going to the fabulous British pub around the corner for supper and a pint. It was fun! I don't normally like shopping, and I hate the crowds, but for a few hours I got caught up in the Christmas spirit and enjoyed it. Plus I got some girl time in.

It doesn't help at all that this is period week. I'm already bloated and crampy. Hoo-rah. It's going to be a joyous week. I know once the in-laws arrive and the house is in order and the training is over it'll be great. I'm really looking forward to Christmas with the in-laws and my sister's family (they're coming back before the actual day, and were quite happy that I am willing to feed them). It should be good. I went running this evening and was having visions of inviting the neighbors over for drinks that afternoon. That is not likely to happen, but it would be cool if it did.

I feel all discombobulated somehow. My computer speakers are dying, and the kitchen computer wouldn't boot for me this morning (apparently my login got corrupted somehow). We've had one computer issue after another, and I keep having to wait for Mr D to have the time to fix things. It's irritating. I want to be able to do it myself, but I don't. I also want to reinstall Mandrake on my machine so I'm not always in this operating system. I want to use Linux regularly, instead of just on the kitchen computer.

And then I can play better games all the time. Yes, ulterior motive. That and fewer problems with spyware and reboot issues.

I'm still cranky. Got Melanie C playing on the sketchy speakers, that helps some. Music always cheers me up. And that's another thing I won't have at work this week, since I'll be in class. Bah.

There has been some weirdness at work. We had our work party just over a week ago. That was fun, but there were some weirdnesses floated that I haven't quite figured out yet. It was good, I ended up happy, but... I don't know. I have the feeling there is going to be a power struggle soon, and I really am not looking forward to it.

I'm going to go read. I'm behind on my reading, and that's just another irritation. I want to read Oryx and Crake for the December Chicklit book club. Discussion started last Wednesday, and I haven't even picked it up yet. I also acquired Philippa Gregory's latest, The Virgin's Lover, and have heard from sources I trust that it's as good as the last one. I haven't cracked it yet. Same with Christopher Moore's The Stupidest Angel. And I think there's a big source of my current irritation.

Mr D spent most of the weekend reading, including all last night. I spent the weekend dealing with stupid new users at Chicklit, along with cooking and cleaning and wrapping Christmas presents, and then delivering some. I've been busy, and he's been reading. And I am not at all sure the next few days won't turn into him thinking I need to get moving on the house, when I've been moving on the house and everything else for weeks now. I need down time, and I need it before the in-laws arrive. It won't happen. I won't get any until Thursday evening, and they'll be here then.

The good thing is that they're really pretty low-maintenance visitors. I just need to wash the sheets, get the presents wrapped, clean off the dining room table and the rest of the living room, and we'll be fine. I hope. Somehow.

It'll happen, and things will be wonderful. And I will NOT end up in the hospital right after Christmas like I did the last time they came. But for now, I'm going to pack up my computer for tomorrow and go upstairs and read. I need a few moments of pause before I start this week.

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