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Sunday, 21 November 2004

Down Time

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Friday was the three year anniversary of my hire date at my company. I've been working at this place for three years, and I've only moved desks once. That's some kind of record there, but I think I'd like to move on now. Now that we had the annual November reorg (Wednesday), the boss and I can just move into some other area of the company. Maybe the two guys from my old team who are being shifted across to the other side can come along too. That would be nice. We all work well together.

And it's Sunday evening now. I did almost nothing yesterday. Slept in late, had a snack and some coffee with eggnog, and then at 3:30 we left to go to our friends' house for dinner. It was early for it, but they've bought a house and wanted us to come over while the sun was still up so we could see their amazing lot. And we are jealous, oh yes we are. It's a funky house that was originally rather small and has been added to more than once. It's all decorated and painted with sponge painting everywhere, and the most bizarre art job on the walls and ceiling of the basement room. One side of the ceiling is a gold moon with a big mouse sitting on it, the other has a big lavendar sun. Dark blues, teals, and purples, and then on the walls it's painte with fish and seaweed to look under water. It was done with great talent, but not so great taste. It makes the ceiling feel even lower than it is, and the room colder. But the yard is glorious.

Hung out, had dinner, talked a lot, came home around 10:30. I spent hours and hours online with a friend of mine from high school, back and forth with IM until after 3 a.m. That kind of hurt when it came time to get up this morning, but it was worth it. Today I've gotten started on the laundry, raked the yard, done the dishes, and have bean soup simmering on the stove. Smells pretty good, and I'm hoping it turns out as well as it did last time.

Hours later...
Yum, soup. Needed salt, because I forgot to put any in, but it was good. The potatoes I got from the market collective are the most amazing potatoes. They're German butter balls, and they're creamy and yellow and divine. I look forward to having it again tomorrow, this soup.

I also made apple bread again, after finishing the last one from the freezer. I remembered to double the ingredients this time, and made two loaves of bread. I minced one and a half apples fairly small, and then the last half I cut bigger. I like having visible and tastable apple bits, so I thought I'd try it. It worked! The bread turned out really well, and it's nice and moist and tasty. Happy!

Oh, and I had a bottle of beaujolais nouveau last night! It was pretty good, and our friends liked it too. They're not big wine enthusiasts, but they like it. After they asked the difference between beaujolais, beaujolais villages, and beaujolais nouveau, I started entertaining the idea of a taste test. Doesn't that sound fun? I'd need more than three wine drinkers though. I could probably drink a whole bottle if I weren't paying attention or getting up the next day, but it's really not a good idea. Wine tasting, mmmm.

Overall I had a very satisfying quiet weekend. I wish I had more time to myself, but at the same time I'm glad to simply putter at home and read. I haven't had a whole lot to say lately. I'm turned inward, focusing not necessarily on myself as on reevaluating things and figuring out where I'm going. So many things have turned out not as hoped, and I'm finding much need for introspection. I'm also working through the physical therapy, trying to get my body healed and get rid of the pain. The therapist wants me to try running for short intervals, interspersed with walking. Yay! We'll see how it goes. We've largely ignored the pain in my right foot, because of all the bigger issues with my back and hips and neck. That is taking a lot of energy, both emotional and physical, to deal with. It's not fun being in pain, and not being able to straighten up from getting out of a chair.

I am happy with my Mr D, we are doing well and feeling good. Work will continue to have upheaval, there's nothing I can do but ride it out and believe I'll be okay in the end. I hope so; despite some pretense at economic upturn, this is not a good time to be looking for a job. And I am not the world's best job seeker, either. I think I'd be better this time than last, but I don't really feel a great need to find out.

I do have a great need to go brush my teeth and read, so I am calling it a day. Hope you're all doing well, and are refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Good night!

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