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Sunday, 18 July 2004

Bikram stuff

Today is a good day. We had friends over for dinner last night and I made potato salad to go with the ribs and corn on the cob. We are all out of celery seed, which absolutely makes Dad's potato salad. I put in a bunch of dill instead, because I knew it needed something and I'm pretty sure it's not completely uncommon to put dill in potato salad. It turned out good. The other secret is soaking the still-warm boiled potatoes (no peels) in a 3 to 1 water and cider vinegar solution for fifteen minutes. (Dad says six minutes, no more and no less, but I usually do for longer and like the results.) That's how the folks at Cook's Illustrated say it should be done, too, which was nice to learn.

It's a warm, sultry kind of day, and I'm off to Bikram's yoga in a few minutes. I was going to do my long yoga video when I realized what time it was and decided to go do the long, hot, strenuous yoga instead. I want to go on Tuesday becaue I liked the instructor better, but I know I won't have time this week for anything in the evening but cleaning the house and packing.

This will be my sixth Bikram class. The fifth one didn't feel as difficult and painful as the prior ones, which was either because of the instructor or because there were only two of us in there so no unspoken, unacknowledged ability competition was going on. I don't tend to worry about that, but I know that I respond to it whether I really want to or not. (Which I don't, really.) Doing this once a week or so is really helping me. It's difficult and strenuous and sometimes painful, but I walk out of there feeling so much better, and my muscles are getting stronger and less tight. I asked the teacher last time how frequently it should be done, and she said it should really be done every day, but she knows not everyone can do that and she'd recommend trying for two or three times a week.

I have no plans to find a class in New Jersey while I'm on vacation (although I will be running), and I will most likely stick to once a week when I get back. It just works that way, for me. And I think I'll try for Tuesday nights. There, a plan!

I never finished this but I'm posting it anyway.

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