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Wednesday, 14 July 2004

Working Out

My workouts are not at all going as planned, this week. But I'm still working out, so I can't complain. I intended to go do Bikram yoga yesterday, but my stomach was irritated all afternoon and it was just enough dealing with discomfort to keep me from being willing to go torture myself for an hour and a half. Because I can't lie, Bikram doesn't feel good. It's hot, it's debilitating, it's difficult and sometimes painful even when you do the moves right and are fairly flexible. It's not the same moves as other forms of yoga either, although the movement and balance I've learned from hatha and vinyasa definitely help.

It feels pretty good to overcome the hardships of working through a Bikram class, and it feels wonderful coming out of there. It's euphoric, and I have never not slept well after one of those classes (all five I've been to). I want to keep going, because it is definitely helping me with my joint pain and my tight areas, and because I feel so much better after. They recommend you go every day, but my aim is once a week. The hardest part, right now, is that it's so dang hot outside I just don't want to get hotter.

I thought about going today, but it was muggy and miserable and I think I have been somewhat overdoing it lately so I elected to stay home and do a bellydancing video. That was really fun, I haven't done it in ages because it's no longer a cardio workout for me. But it does work the arms, and the core, and to a certain extent the quads. And it made me smile.

I then harassed Mr D into making me dinner (tuna salad, and his tuna/pickle/onion/mustard/mayonnaise concoction is ever so much more interesting than my pedestrian tuna/onion/mayo). He still hasn't eaten, but I have. And then I went and did a bunch of abs and arm weights.

This is not exactly taking it easy. It's not as much work as five miles in the woods, but it wasn't a rest day. I don't want to take rest days. Had I done Bikram on Tuesday, today would have been a rest day. But I didn't, I went running instead. And on and on.

This is one of the reasons I subscribe to so many stupid fitness magazines. I went running on Sunday, five miles in the woods. I took Monday off and hung out with my dad that evening. Tuesday I didn't go to yoga because my tummy hurt, but I sat and read Runner's World for a while and realized that I have only six weeks (seven?) until that half marathon I want to do. I'm in good shape, training wise, but I need to step up the long runs if I think I'm going to do it. And I need to run more often and cross-train less. So I went running, even though I hadn't planned to.

Today's ab & arm workout was brought on by reading fitness magazine while inhaling my tuna sandwich. There are two strength/core workouts in there, and I just had to try some of the moves. So I did. And I think I might just renew that subscription, which is about to run out. I don't like that their models are twelve-year olds with boob implants and hot pants, but I like the workouts. I'm debating it.

The older woman across the street stopped me yesterday when I was heading out to the grocery store to tell me I am attractive these days, and look great, and did I get a hair cut or something? So sweet of her! These are the people whose yard always gives mine an inferiority complex. They're retired and, I think, original owners. So very nice. They mowed our lawn one year when we were gone for two weeks. It gave me a boost, because I know I feel better and I think I look better and everything, but this was completely unsolicited confirmation. Just nice. Thank you, neighbor lady!

Work is busy crazy, I am behind everywhere and starting to feel like I'm dropping things and failing. I really don't like that feeling, so I'm trying to bust my butt and get as much done by next week as I can. Because in one week, we fly out to New Jersey for a week of sun and rest and reading. I'm really hoping I get lots of down time and it doesn't end up being coordinated family events all day, every day. I don't think it will, and I know I can always opt out if I need time alone.

But the big fun thing right now is that I'm going to get my hair cut again tomorrow. Once I got the professional color done, it pretty much meant every other month I have to go in again. I've been looking at hair style magazines and checking out options for curly hair, because I am really tired of this mess on my head. I don't know what I'll come out with, but I'm fairly sure there will be layers. The color will be the same, but I might just have her chop off enough hair that the curl can do its thing without too much interference.

Hair. Eep. I am so very conservative about my hair, I can't believe I'm contemplating this, and the woman who cuts my hair isn't going to believe it. She knows how long it generally takes me to make a style change (two to five years). And the last time I cut it short, I had her do it in gradually shorter cuts over the course of a year or two.

If it's good, I promise I'll get pictures up before we go. But for now, I'm going to upload and go read my book. Have a good one!

Oh! One more thing: Thank you to our senate for NOT agreeing to vote on the idiotic evil unprecedented attempt at legislating discrimination. I know it's not over yet, and this is what the conservatives want us to focus on because they're too weak in the areas that really matter (war, international affairs, economy, and so on). But at least it didn't get any farther. Not this time.

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