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Sunday, 13 November 2005


Yay for procrastination! I have done very little of substance this weekend, and I feel pretty good. I got pizza on Friday, I did laundry on Saturday, I went to a party, I went to the grocery store and got a new cheese (Blue Shropshire, and if you like blue this stuff is amazing) along with a bunch of other necessities like toilet paper and dishwashing detergent, and I did as little work or writing as I could. Tomorrow will not be fun at work, because the flow chart of doom is still only in my head, but I needed the break and I got it. Maybe no one else will remember it, or maybe my notes and plan will suffice until I can get it drawn up. This would be good, since I have thought about it a lot this weekend.

I did not write much of my Fabulous Novel, but I did some. I am trying not to write things like "The author couldn't think what happens next, so she drank a manhattan and pondered for a while until the characters looked up at her and started complaining." I am allowing myself to use extra words and write utter crap, but I am sticking to the idea that this is a novel and not a 50,000 word essay on why and how I'm trying to write a novel.

My part time house mate cooked me dinner tonight while I tried to write. She used to run a restaurant, and she's good with food. We had pork roast stuffed with apples and onions, and she made a rub for the roast with garlic, olive oil, tarragon, sage, rosemary and thyme. Wild rice and sauteed zucchini & yellow squash rounded it off, and we split a bottle of really tasty sulfite-free Lemberger wine (she brought it).

I'm having a weird weekend, in that I'm constantly hungry. I'm trying not to eat all the time, but I want to. I have the nibblies all day, and very little in the way of snack food around the house. I did acquire some popcorn to replace the stuff I've had at least five years, but it's kind of late. I want cookies. And cheese. No, not together. Ew!

I'm hanging on, not doing much, just keeping things going while I get sorted. And it's late Sunday night, so I had better start getting ready for bed. Have a great week, everyone.

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