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Monday, 12 January 2004

All Clear

Right. I'm just about to go to bed but I know I mentioned at least once that I had a CT scan last week. I got the results today, as well as some more info. I am fine. No recurrence. And she told me the reason for the frequent scans (and the reason why I don't need to have any more, HURRAY!) is because when they removed the tumor & ovary, they didn't take out the lymph nodes and other potentially compromised tissue. They apparently debated going back in later and removing it, but they decided to go with the alternative: quarterly scans for the first two years after. It's been three now, and I am cleared. Still have to have the annual and the blood work for two more years (well, year and a half, until summer 2005), but no more scans.

I'm kind of sorry I won't see the tech at the imaging place again, but not sorry enough to volunteer to do it next January if I don't have to.

Yay! I'm done! No more barium and awful gas and bloating and sucking down a liter of toxic milkshake in three hours! And even more yay, this means they consider me cancer-free and not in danger of relapse ever. Happy New Year to me!

Okay, going to bed now. Sleep well, everyone. And thanks, a lot.

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