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Saturday, 11 September 2004

It's an Update

I've known all day, of course, what anniversary occurs on this date. But it wasn't until I typed it in as the file name for this entry that I really realized. For the rest of my life, this day will be remembered. People will hesitate to schedule things on September 11. We will always be asked to remember the fallen. Hell, it'll probably end up a holiday eventually.

I wasn't planning to write about it though. I don't really want to. I haven't turned on a television or the radio all day. I went blithely skating this afternoon, round and around the cul de sac where I live.

Sunday, 19 September 2004

So much for any ability I had to write about it. I meant to, but I got distracted. I keep doing that. It's harder for me to sit down and just write, for some reason. I'm hoping getting out of the busy time of summer will help. The weather is so cool and crisp out there, I love it even though it means the enormous maple tree will start dropping leaves any second now, and I'm married to someone who thinks yard care comes after watching television. (Cranky, I am.) I am thinking of going out to mow the lawn in a bit now, since as far as I know it hasn't been done since July. We had a really dry summer and the only thing that grew was the dandelions. But it started raining a few weeks ago, and now we have grass along with the dandelions and I want the lawn mowed. Last time this year, I'm guessing. It hasn't gotten over 60 F in at least a week, so autumn is definitely here.

I want to catch up on recent events before I spout off on whatever the topic of the day is (if any). Can I do both? Or do you just get a rundown of the latest?

I fell on the escalator Friday morning, luckily in the upward direction. I got myself good in three areas: left wrist, right knee, and left ankle. The toe of my left shoe caught on the edge of the step, and boom! It hurt. I couldn't get up right away, which was dangerous as we were pretty near the top. But I did, and I got off and moved to the side to assess the damage. I felt faintly nauseated, which happens if I'm hurt badly but also when I'm hungry which since it was morning, I was. But I was okay. I went to work, got my coffee, and had an ibuprofen. A bit later I realized it would probably be a good idea to ice the knee and wrist at least, and I found a gel pack in the freezer from a co-worker who recently had wrist surgery. So I used it all day, and worried my boss to the point where I finally agreed to go get checked by the doctor. Had x-rays, wiggled everything, and it seems I did not crack my patella or chip my wrist bone. I just bruised them but good, and strained a bunch of muscles in the impact. I hit hard. But I'm fine now. Still bruised, still a bit sore, but pretty much okay.

Friday night I chatted online with a friend from my Alaska days who recently got in contact (not the same guy in Japan, I haven't heard back from him yet). No, I got email on Thursday from someone I'd wondered about for years, and we've been chatting on and off all weekend. It's been amazing to catch up and see where we are now. And remember stuff about that time. Given that this is my 20th high school reunion summer, it's been all about the memories, and this is gravy.


I'm feeling inarticulate lately, I don't know exactly why. So I'm not making any attempt to be logical or transition from topic to topic, I'm just attempting to get something written and flung out there online for people. I noticed I'm getting a lot of hits from a Chinese website this month. Anyone from the site who pops over, I'd love to hear why. I don't have the software I'd need to even see the site (no character recognition), let alone any knowledge of Chinese to read it. So who are you, and why are you coming here?

We took my niece out shopping for her birthday yesterday. We'd promised her a trip to the CD store, and because we're sneaky and smart, we took her to the used CD store. She got herself a new copy of The Cinderella Story soundtrack, and a used copy of Lillix' debut CD (which we also have). And we got her a book at the used book store. Me, I picked up some CDs I'd been looking for in a low-key kind of way. Some REM, Tom Petty, Pink's first CD, and Madonna's Ray of Light. Oh, and the corresponding Alanis Morissette CD, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Both of those last were out of curiosity, mostly. I have glanced at Kabbalah and I practice yoga, and our Fair Artists made albums that were heavily influenced by those two things. So I wanted to see how they did. We're having trouble with the music server not wanting to talk to anything else on the network, so I'm playing CDs in my computer for now. I don't know what I'm going to do when they invent copy protection that makes this impossible - we don't have a single actual CD player in the house.

So I'm trying to listen to Madonna, but it's bugging Mr D who is apparently not a fan and I feel rude for playing it at a volume I can hear properly. Sometimes I wish I had my own computer room, but if I did I'd never get to see my spouse because he is always at his computer.

We did go outside for a few hours today though. I went out to start pulling weeds and got all excited about the snippers. I trimmed the trees around the driveway so that I can walk to my car without ducking, and I put all the branches in the yard waste bin. I swept the drive and around the front door. Mr D came out and mowed the front yard, so it's not dandelion central anymore. That makes me happy. I don't mow myself because it hurts my back, which should tell you how unhappy I was about the state of the yard that I was thinking of doing it myself. But he did it. And now I need to go transfer laundry from machine to machine (laundry room is right next to the computer room) and put some more in.

Okay, done. I still need to go hang up the sweatshirts and fold the dry clothes, but there's stuff in washer and dryer now. And I'm realizing that I have not paid the slightest true bit of attention to Madonna over the years.

I was a MTV addict back in the early 80s. We lived in Alaska when it debuted, and up there it's cable or nothing. So we had it, and I spent every spare permitted moment glued to the screen. Eventually I was weaned off it, and when I went to school in the UK they didn't have it so that was it. No more. I've seen it some since then, but once they introduced their game shows and whatever, and started having special hours for different genres, I stopped being interested. (Anyone else remember Headbanger's Ball?) Mr D and I have this habit of watching VH1's Behind the Music whenever we're in a hotel or at his mom's, but we're not interested enough to actually pay for cable ourselves. But anyway.

I remember the Borderline video, and the Lucky Star video. I am the perfect age to have been Madonna-obsessed, but I was in boarding school and out of the country at the time when it would have been most likely. From the fall of 1982 to the fall of 1986, I was out of the American pop culture zone. I missed it. She has a kind of nasal voice, but I've always considered her greatest talent to be selling and reinventing herself. She's fascinating from a pop-culture perspective, but the only CD of hers I'd ever bought was The Immaculate Collection. I get the sense that it's not quite cool to like Madonna, especially now that she's gone and reinvented herself as a British society woman.

I don't care. She's smart, and she's got brass-plated balls. And she does interesting things with music. So far, I'm liking this CD. It's a variety of styles all juxtaposed and reworked, and while her voice may not be on par with that of Oak Joo Hyun, she's still able to carry a tune. I can tell she's worked hard on that. This is not to say I am now a Madonna fanatic who will run out and buy all her albums or anything, but I'm glad I finally got this one.

Except the one song that's specifically of non-Western religious influence is Shanti/Ashtangi, which I do not believe is Kabbalistic. Hmm. Is this her Hindu phase? Did I miss something? Nevermind, I don't care. It doesn't thrill me on par with the newest Paulina Rubio or finally getting a copy of REM's Document on CD, but it's good.

I've had this open all day, it's now nearly 10 p.m. and I have to get up early tomorrow to go to class. I'm a little nervous about this, since I am not quite technical enough to qualify for it but I'm going anyway. I hope I don't sit there and drown all day. All the things I'm so used to at work won't be there. I'm mostly worried about getting enough water in, and not being starving all day. I have food in my bag, and I got cash so I can buy lunch if I have to. I even have to take a different bus tomorrow, and get out of the house a lot earlier than I'm used to. But it's a good thing and I'm secretly excited about it. This may not be the technical direction I intended to take my career, but it's a good thing to know anyway.

So I must to bed, and I must sleep, and thus I must finish this whether I said anything or not. Hope you all have a great week, and I know there has been a scarcity of new updates for months now. I'm not tired of this, I'm just really working on other stuff at the moment. I miss it, but then I rarely get feedback mail anyway so I have no idea if it's worrying to anybody else. Tell me, would you please? Thanks.

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