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Tuesday, 11 May 2004

Since when?

Oh do I loathe the cramps. I've been gassy and crampy for two days now, and can I just get over it already? Please? I need to remember to bring more ibuprofen to work tomorrow, since I only had one left to take care of the cramps this afternoon.

I'm always hungrier during period week, and I want bad things like the cheeseburger and fries I had with beer this evening. Cheetos. Chocolate. It just bugs me that I live out the stereotype of the premenstrual woman craving salt and chocolate (although, so far, not together - no chocolate covered pretzels for me thanks). And once again I am reminded of how I would love to be all modern earth woman (is that an oxymoron?) and revel in the power of the flow, but I just can't get past the bloat, the gas, and the cramps.

At least the extreme bitchiness I used to suffer (not only my victims suffered, honest!) seems to have passed. It used to be so pronounced, one of my (older, male, married) co-workers noticed that my snarkbitch crankyfests were on a monthly schedule. I'd like to think he was the only one, but I think I embodied the "she's on the rag" stereotype there for awhile.

If you're interested in a discussion and list of euphemisms for menstruation, I point you here. I don't usually say on the rag, bleeding, menstruating, or whatever. Sometimes I call it "being a woman" (TM Shelley), but usually it's just that time of the month. And while I do try to be discreet about the tampons in my all-male cubicle zone at work, I really don't care if they all know. They're all married, most of them are dads, and if they haven't figured out that by virtue of the tits I might be a female, well then high time they figured it out. Right?

I think I do get a bit more crude and blunt around this time of month, but I am no longer ripping everyone new assholes on a monthly basis. This is progress.

I still want to go see Van Helsing again. I know, it's stupid, and I am rather disappointed by the rampant and completely ridiculous tie-in crap they did. Obviously they wanted to be prepared for a major blockbuster. My biggest problem was the lack of an Anna doll in the action figure set. I want the girlie doll! Not a stupid vampire bust thingy, that was dumb. I want a raven-tressed babe in a leather corset and dominatrix boots, dammit! (Don't tell the husband, will you?)

But I really liked the movie and I have this absurd desire to see it succeed despite its obvious flaws. I think this is mostly because of the Frankenstein monster, who is the one truly sympathetic character in the movie (and yes, I got all teared up about it - "I want to live!" - and again yes, I have both read the book and seen the original movie and I always cry about the misunderstood, lonely, big old freak who wants nothing more than simply to be and didn't ask for all this). I also want anything with David Wenham in such a big part to succeed, because I want to see more of him. Lots more! Even with that ridiculous hair style, I want to see more. And Richard Roxburgh, too. I had no idea, he's just amazing.

Hands up both of you who knew not only that Richard Roxburgh played the Duke in Moulin Rouge!, but that David Wenham played Audrey in the same movie. I had to think about both of those for a moment, but wow. Range! Acting ability! Amazing!

Okay, and I will try to make that the last mention. No really. Unless I do see it again (not likely), in which case I'll try to keep it to a mere mention.

Not likely will we go to the movies again, because this weekend is my twentieth high school reunion. Twenty years. I'm still kind of flabbergasted about that. It promises to be fairly low-key, but I come from such a small class (all of 24 of us, including three exchange students) that there isn't a one of my class mates that I wouldn't want to see. There are a couple of people coming that I haven't seen in years, at least one it's been twenty years. I'm looking forward to it. And that is where I'll be spending pretty much all of my weekend.

I have cramps. I want another beer (hello, last Alaskan Winter Brew!). And I want chocolate, my book, and a purring warm fuzzball cat. So I am going away now. Oh, let me just note that I got my hair cut today and the woman who has been cutting my straight hair for fifteen years wanted to know if I'd gotten a perm. Apparently, I now have wavy hair. With some mousse, a diffuser, and time, I can have curls. It's mostly one length so it won't be majorly curly, but it's not the hair I had back in December. I have no idea how this happened, but I now need to relearn hair care. This could be interesting.

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