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Thursday, 11 November 2004

Oh yeah, I forgot

First off, if you appreciate Chicklit and want to see it continue, please go make a donation. $20 gets you into the prize drawing for the fundraiser, but any amount would help. It's my favorite site out there, bar none. Give! Please!

I don't think I've managed yet to say that the physical therapist and the radiologist who read my x-rays both agree that I do not have osteoarthritis. I am currently processing the perfidy of a doctor telling a patient she has an incurable degenerative disease when said doctor is not entirely sure, and am thinking what I'm going to do about that. I have not entirely been happy with the care I get from this doctor for a while now, and I have to change insurance companies at the end of the year, so it's probable I will be seeking a new doctor. I'm annoyed just thinking about it though. I have a somewhat strange medical history, and I don't want to deal at all.

So, as of yet no arthritis. Relief! And the pt is working on the pain, so things are good.

My parents have been staying with us since Monday night. I'm tired. I've been feeling somewhat under the weather for days now. Took a nap this afternoon, which was very good. 'Tis the season of flannel sheets, which is absolutely lovely. We also have heat-seeking cats, so I get my lap occupied a lot. I love my cats. Just ask Mr D, who frequently is called upon to sacrifice his blankets to the purring furball I'm curled up around. (That would be the Boo Kitty who appears on the home page of this site.)

And that's all the energy I have right now. I have lots of things I want to write about, but no time. We're going to Vancouver for the night on Friday, so I won't have time to come back until Saturday sometime. Will try to update then.

Have a great weekend.

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